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Munition Factory,

During the 2nd World War my Grandmother worked at a munition factory  in Chorley.,Lancashire.The bus would  pick up the workers from  Nelson,early in the morning and and then drop them off late at night.This is all i know, i would love  to sit with her now and hear what she had to say about life in the war years. Royal  Ordnance ,otherwise known as ROF Chorley or Filling Factory  Number 1. It was opened in 1939  by King George the V1.  During the 2nd World War over 35000 people were working there. In 1943 workers on the site filtered Torpex  explosive into the famous 'Bouncing Bombs' used to  attack German Dams in the Dambuster Raids Today   Buckshaw Village is  on the site of the former Royal  Ordnance

Nelson, Lancashire Good Old Days

This collection of short movies was made in 1962. Set in Nelson and the  Pendle  Countryside, it is a window to the past,with a view to how people from the north of England  lived.