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Valuation Rolls Scotland

Scotlands  People

The Valuation Rolls are now available in Scotland for 1895. These Rolls contain  the names of Owners, Tenants and Occupiers of each Property and in some cases Occupations.

Ships Sail into Liverpool For WW2 Commemoration

War Ships have sailed into Liverpool England to mark the 70th  Anniversary  of the Battle of the Atlantic.The battle was fought over control of supply routes during the 2nd World War.
Below is a link to a video about this Battle.

Lancashire Catholic Parish Records

Catholic Family History is a new site covering Catholic Parish Records in Lancashire. Make a note of this site as it looks like more records will be added.

Whats New At Ancestry has a free trial for 14 days if you have not tried it before. Its ideal for any one who is new  to finding their Ancestors. This site is the biggest one out there with all records that you would need to start your family tree. They also have new and updated records . Some of these are free so even if you do not take out membership it is worth looking at this site.. One updated records is Manchester England Births and Baptisms 1813-1915. These records are taken from Church of England Parish Registers

Message Boards

When researching your Ancestors on the internet, message boards can be very useful Over the years i have made contact with many people using this method of research. A few weeks ago while i was in London , i had a lovely day meeting up with with a lady who was researching  the same family in County Down Ireland. Margaret,it was really good to meet you, we had a lovely time with you in London.

Lady Hamilton

I have always had an interest in the life of Lady Hamilton, the mistress of Lord Nelson. It was on a recent trip to Parkgate on the Wirral to walk the walls and to sample their famous ice cream, that i found the birthplace of Lady Hamilton.
Born "Emily Lyon" the daughter of a Blacksmith who would die soon after her birth. Emily was born at
"Swan Cottage"in the little village of Ness, just around the corner from Parkgate .The Nelson Society has a very interesting web site about Lord Nelson and Lady Hamilton.

Welcome to Stonehenge

A visit to Stonehenge has always been on my 'to do' list  and i was able to visit a few weeks ago during a holiday in London.
Stonehenge is near Amesbury Wiltshire  a couple of hours outside London. It is unique, a survivor from a prehistoric culture.
Thought to have been built between 3000BC and 1600 its exact purpose remains a mystery.The fact that it is aligned with the midsummer sunrise and the midwinter sunset could hold some clues. Well worth a visit.

Band leader"s letter from the Titanic fetches 93000 pounds

A letter from the leader of the band on board the Titanic has sold at auction for 93000 pounds. Wallace Hartley,34 described his colleagues as "very nice boys" and a "fine band" in a letter to his parents days before the ship sank on April 15th 1912.
The letter dated April the 10th bears the White Star Line emblem and was bought by a private collector.
Wallace and the musicians performed until the end as passengers filed into lifeboats