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Ancestry Ireland

Here is the latest news from the Ulster Historical Foundation

We are currently making plans for a lecture tour in the USA/Canada in spring 2013, between the dates of 16 to 27 March. Some dates have already been confirmed and others are yet to be.
We would like to ask if there is a society or group near to you that would be interested in an Irish research programme. If there is interest perhaps you would put us in contact with the local programme organisers.
Often when we send out advance information about our forthcoming tour itineraries, we receive numerous replies or requests asking if we would consider delivering a programme in the respondent's locality. We are more than happy to do this and regularly travel widely during our tours.
This is therefore your opportunity to try to help arrange an Irish and Scots-Irish research workshop in your area. We hope you might take the time to respond, and we thank you in advance for any useful contacts which help us to build our tour itiner…

McArdle Family Return To Ireland

For all McArdle  and descendants of the McArdle Family,this is a copy of an e-mail that was passed on to Your Ancestors Free.Com

McArdle Clan Gathering – August 2013 We would refer to the following website called which is an Irish Government initiative to try to encourage as many people who have emigrated from Ireland over the last 200 years to make contact with and possibly to visit Ireland in the year 2013.   Next year 2013 besides being The Gathering also coincides with the anniversary of the building of the local Church at Shelagh, Hackballscross, Dundalk, Ireland named The Sacred Heart.  This building was built after the reform of the penal laws and this Church has been highly involved in the McArdle Clan over the many years by baptisims, weddings and weekly masses. The intention is to try and organise a gathering of all descendants of the McArdle Family.  This is not just to include people named McArdle but people who have through marriage li…

Perth in 1954

This film is about Perth, Western Australia. It is very interesting as it shows how our Parents and Grandparents lived and a look at  how Perth was 58 years ago.

Forces Records

Forces, War Records and Military Genealogy have just launched an online digital library of books,.newspapers and magazines. You can find  it here.