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WW1 The Pals Battalions

For those who have an interest in the first WW the following Video is enlightening .One of the Pals Battalions ,the 11th East  Lancashire Regiment were from Accrington and suffered terrible losses of men who were all from the same small town of Accrington.

Irish Marriage Records

Waterford Church Marriage Records Now Available The Irish Family History Foundation's Online Research Service (ORS) are pleased to announce the availability of an additional 242,000 church marriage records from the Waterford Genealogy Centre for Roman Catholic and Church of Ireland parishes in Co. Waterford

First Fleets To Australia

The Fellowship of the first fleeter's  is open to any one who can prove their relationship  to any First Fleeter. They may be a Convict, Marine, Seaman or a Government Official. Click on Ships to open a new page with all the first fleets and all who sailed on them.

Free Irish Records

For the month of July 2012 is introducing a change to its system for viewing pages of search results to allow you to view more search result pages.

Currently you can avail of 10 free search result page views after registration and once those 10 have been used you are charged a credit to view a page of search results.

In July you can view as many search results pages at NO additional charge based on the number of unspent credits in your account or the number that you purchase in July.

For example: in July, if you have 75 credits in your online account, you can view 75 pages of index search results at no charge, reserving all your credits to go to the purchase of specific records.