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Irish Wills

The Will Calendars provide a searchable index for the three Registries of Armagh, Belfast and Londonderry. This data base covers the period 1858-1919 and 1922-1943. Users can now view the full content of a will as 93,388 digitised images are now available. Wills are a very good resource as they can be a window into our Ancestors lives.

East Galway Family Records

The East Galway Family History Society have just made available Pre 1911 Roman Catholic Marriage and Death Records. Pre 1900 Church of Ireland, Baptisms, Marriage and Burial Records. They can be found online at the Irish Family History Foundation.

Tyrone and Fermanagh Grave Stones

New records have been added to this site Grave Stones for Tyrone and Fermanagh. This site has changed since i was last on it.It used to be free to search and you only had to pay to see the records. Once you register you can have 10 free searches and you pay to see the results. Looks like you could spend big looking at their records