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Life In America for the Irish Immigrant

Did your Irish Ancestors leave Ireland for a new beginning in the USA. This is an interesting site about those who left the Emerald Isle and where they settled.

Titanic 100 Years

The Liner struck an iceberg on April 14th and sunk in the early hours of April 15th 1912. Of the 2223 passengers and crew 1517 died. Third class had the greatest loss of approximately 710 on board with only 174 survived. Seventy six percent of the crew died. . Wallace Hartley the Band leader was from Colne in Lancashire. My Ancestors were called Hartley and were from the same area but i have not made the connection yet
Take a look at the link below for the passenger list of the Titanic'

Lancashire Photos From The Archives

Find your Lancashire town on Lancashire Lantern. Search through the places and view local photos.

World War One Collections

The National Library of Ireland is building an online European archive of private stories and documents from World War One. You can help by sharing your World War One Collection at their Family History Roadshow on the 21st March, at Kildare Street Dublin. For further details click on the link below.

1940 US Census

The 1940 US Census is coming and will be available online at Ancestry.Com on the 2nd of April.
Information given will include names, where they lived, who shared their home and where they were five years earlier.

County Wexford Parish Records

First phase of Co. Wexford parish records now online
The Irish Family History Foundation is pleased to announce that some Co. Wexford Roman Catholic parish registers are now available as part of its Online Research Service.

The following parishes can be searched and the details of records purchased online:

Clongeen RC Parish
Tagoat RC Parish
Inch Church of Ireland Parish