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Who Do You Think You Are Live

Here  are some special dates for your  calender.

22-24 th  February. Who do you think you are live at Olympia London. Have a look at their web site for details

Ancestry Ireland

Here is the latest news from the Ulster Historical Foundation

We are currently making plans for a lecture tour in the USA/Canada in spring 2013, between the dates of 16 to 27 March. Some dates have already been confirmed and others are yet to be.
We would like to ask if there is a society or group near to you that would be interested in an Irish research programme. If there is interest perhaps you would put us in contact with the local programme organisers.
Often when we send out advance information about our forthcoming tour itineraries, we receive numerous replies or requests asking if we would consider delivering a programme in the respondent's locality. We are more than happy to do this and regularly travel widely during our tours.
This is therefore your opportunity to try to help arrange an Irish and Scots-Irish research workshop in your area. We hope you might take the time to respond, and we thank you in advance for any useful contacts which help us to build our tour itiner…

McArdle Family Return To Ireland

For all McArdle  and descendants of the McArdle Family,this is a copy of an e-mail that was passed on to Your Ancestors Free.Com

McArdle Clan Gathering – August 2013 We would refer to the following website called which is an Irish Government initiative to try to encourage as many people who have emigrated from Ireland over the last 200 years to make contact with and possibly to visit Ireland in the year 2013.   Next year 2013 besides being The Gathering also coincides with the anniversary of the building of the local Church at Shelagh, Hackballscross, Dundalk, Ireland named The Sacred Heart.  This building was built after the reform of the penal laws and this Church has been highly involved in the McArdle Clan over the many years by baptisims, weddings and weekly masses. The intention is to try and organise a gathering of all descendants of the McArdle Family.  This is not just to include people named McArdle but people who have through marriage li…

Perth in 1954

This film is about Perth, Western Australia. It is very interesting as it shows how our Parents and Grandparents lived and a look at  how Perth was 58 years ago.

Forces Records

Forces, War Records and Military Genealogy have just launched an online digital library of books,.newspapers and magazines. You can find  it here.

Census Substitute Records for Co Derry

Census Substitute Records for Co.Derry Added The Irish Family History Foundation's Online Research Service (ORS) are pleased to announce the availability of 90,866 new census substitute records from the Derry ~ Londonderry Genealogy Centre for Co. Derry.

Quite often the only realistic strategy in tracing ancestors beyond church registers is to examine surviving census returns and census substitutes, often compiled by civil parish, for any references to a surname or given name of interest.

This database contains an index to people recorded in seven such sources, dating from 1663 to 1837. These sources name heads of household only; each source returns the name of head of household, year, civil parish address, and, in most cases, townland (or street/town) address. The Flax Growers Lists of 1796 plus some of the 1740 and 1766 returns don't record townland addresses. The seven sources are:
Hearth Money Rolls of 1663 Protestant Householders Lists of 1740 Religious Census …

Forces War Records

I have rediscovered this site about the forces war records. It has been updated since my last visit. It covers quite a long time in the forces history. It now has a easy name search. It is partly free but you can still gain a lot of information free. The fees were 8.95 pounds for a months access. You have to register to view this site but this is free.  A good feature of this site is a forum for the Military Genealogy Community.

Records, Armagh, Cork and Waterford

New records  from  Armagh  Ancestry, Mallow Heritage and Waterford  Heritage have been added to the Rootsireland web site.

Free BMD

If you have come to a standstill in your family research and can not move forward then consider moving sideways. Free BMD has updated their web site since you were  there last. It is not complete yet but new records have been added. Today i found a birth and death record , a mother and daughter,that i had been unable to find I had been looking for the birth record in 1854 but  found the record today in 1859 and the Mother's death record a few weeks later in 1859.

WW1 The Pals Battalions

For those who have an interest in the first WW the following Video is enlightening .One of the Pals Battalions ,the 11th East  Lancashire Regiment were from Accrington and suffered terrible losses of men who were all from the same small town of Accrington.

Irish Marriage Records

Waterford Church Marriage Records Now Available The Irish Family History Foundation's Online Research Service (ORS) are pleased to announce the availability of an additional 242,000 church marriage records from the Waterford Genealogy Centre for Roman Catholic and Church of Ireland parishes in Co. Waterford

First Fleets To Australia

The Fellowship of the first fleeter's  is open to any one who can prove their relationship  to any First Fleeter. They may be a Convict, Marine, Seaman or a Government Official. Click on Ships to open a new page with all the first fleets and all who sailed on them.

Free Irish Records

For the month of July 2012 is introducing a change to its system for viewing pages of search results to allow you to view more search result pages.

Currently you can avail of 10 free search result page views after registration and once those 10 have been used you are charged a credit to view a page of search results.

In July you can view as many search results pages at NO additional charge based on the number of unspent credits in your account or the number that you purchase in July.

For example: in July, if you have 75 credits in your online account, you can view 75 pages of index search results at no charge, reserving all your credits to go to the purchase of specific records.

Irish Wills

The Will Calendars provide a searchable index for the three Registries of Armagh, Belfast and Londonderry. This data base covers the period 1858-1919 and 1922-1943. Users can now view the full content of a will as 93,388 digitised images are now available. Wills are a very good resource as they can be a window into our Ancestors lives.

East Galway Family Records

The East Galway Family History Society have just made available Pre 1911 Roman Catholic Marriage and Death Records. Pre 1900 Church of Ireland, Baptisms, Marriage and Burial Records. They can be found online at the Irish Family History Foundation.

Tyrone and Fermanagh Grave Stones

New records have been added to this site Grave Stones for Tyrone and Fermanagh. This site has changed since i was last on it.It used to be free to search and you only had to pay to see the records. Once you register you can have 10 free searches and you pay to see the results. Looks like you could spend big looking at their records

Antrim Records

The Irish Family History Foundation have just added new records From Antrim to their collection.

he following parishes have now been added:
Church of Ireland Aghaderg 1818-1886
Church of Ireland Aghalee 1811-1874
Church of Ireland Ballinderry 1840-1865
Church of Ireland Ballyclug 1841-1871
Church of Ireland Ballymena 1780-1871
Church of Ireland Ballymoney 1807-1888
Church of Ireland Ballynure 1840-1880
Church of Ireland Ballywillin 1827-1871
Church of Ireland Christ Church 1837-1902
Church of Ireland Dromore 1784-1873
Church of Ireland Drumballyroney 1839-1873
Church of Ireland Finvoy 1811-1885
Church of Ireland Glenavy 1707-1840
Church of Ireland Layde 1824-1872
Church of Ireland Magheragall 1825-1842
Church of Ireland Muckamore 1859-1921
Roman Catholic Shankill 1817-1927

Finding Your Irish Ancestors

After having a long break from looking for my Ancestors in Northern Ireland i have started my research again. Looking back to where i was before i can see the mistakes that i made. The number one mistake was not recording the source of the information fully. This has resulted in me going over old grounds which can have the added benefit of finding something that i missed the first time. These are some of the site's that i am finding useful in my research.
Roz has some really good information that you will not find any where else
Find your Irish Ancestors in the Will Calenders

The Irish Census,1901 and !911

World War 2 Facts

George Duncan's Lesser known facts of world war 2. An interesting site with new information of World War 2

New Records Online For Cumberland

Cumberland has become one of the most searched areas on this site. No doubt because of it's past becoming a popular place for the Irish leaving Ireland. Take a look at this website ,i think i have seen it before but its been revived

1911 England and Wales Census Collection

The 1911 England and Wales Census has been available on line for a while but it is not free to view the records. now has the full 1911 Census and i think they give the best value for money. For Australians who are researching their Ancestors from the UK ,it works out cheaper to take out a monthly membership with think it was about 17 dollars after it had been converted. I recently found a record on the 1911 English Census that i had been looking for,for about two years.

Titanic Survivor Interview

On the 15th of April 2012 it will be 100 years since the Titanic sunk on its maiden voyage. I came across this interview that was recorded in 1969. Edwina Celia Mackenzie was a 27 year old single girl on her way back home to America when the Titanic hit an Iceburg and sunk. At the time of this recording she was 85 years old.

Free USA Records On Ancestry

If you are looking for Ancestors who went to the USA,then take look at Ancestry.Com. At the moment you can access 1 Billion Records from the 1940's free. This is available from now until the 10th of April.

Life In America for the Irish Immigrant

Did your Irish Ancestors leave Ireland for a new beginning in the USA. This is an interesting site about those who left the Emerald Isle and where they settled.

Titanic 100 Years

The Liner struck an iceberg on April 14th and sunk in the early hours of April 15th 1912. Of the 2223 passengers and crew 1517 died. Third class had the greatest loss of approximately 710 on board with only 174 survived. Seventy six percent of the crew died. . Wallace Hartley the Band leader was from Colne in Lancashire. My Ancestors were called Hartley and were from the same area but i have not made the connection yet
Take a look at the link below for the passenger list of the Titanic'

Lancashire Photos From The Archives

Find your Lancashire town on Lancashire Lantern. Search through the places and view local photos.

World War One Collections

The National Library of Ireland is building an online European archive of private stories and documents from World War One. You can help by sharing your World War One Collection at their Family History Roadshow on the 21st March, at Kildare Street Dublin. For further details click on the link below.

1940 US Census

The 1940 US Census is coming and will be available online at Ancestry.Com on the 2nd of April.
Information given will include names, where they lived, who shared their home and where they were five years earlier.

County Wexford Parish Records

First phase of Co. Wexford parish records now online
The Irish Family History Foundation is pleased to announce that some Co. Wexford Roman Catholic parish registers are now available as part of its Online Research Service.

The following parishes can be searched and the details of records purchased online:

Clongeen RC Parish
Tagoat RC Parish
Inch Church of Ireland Parish

USA Tour Itinerary

Irish and Scots Irish Genealogy Lecture Tour, 08–26 March 2012

Saturday, 10 March 2012 (9:00 AM to 4: 30 PM)
Programme title
Researching Your Irish Ancestors – EWGS Spring Seminar
Location of programme
Spokane Public Library, 906 W. Main, Spokane, WA 99201
Tel: (509) 444-5300
Host organisation
Eastern Washington Genealogical Society
Main contact
Donna Potter Phillips,
Tel: (509) 624-4118
Registration Details
$20 Members; $25 Non-Members
Send postal registrations to: EWGS P.O. Box 1826, Spokane, WA 99210-1826
Further information
Register via the online form EWGS at

Sunday, 11 March 2012 (9:00 AM to 5:00 PM)
Programme title
Irish Genealogy Conference
Location of programme
Nordic Heritage Museum 3014 NW 67th St Seattle WA
Host organisation
Irish Heritage Club
Main contact
Jean A. Roth,
Or John F. Keane,
Registration Details
$45 pr person including box lunch

USA Tour Ulster Historical Foundation

With St Patrick’s Day (17 March) fast approaching people’s thoughts naturally turn to their celtic roots and how to reconnect with the old homeland. Ulster Historical Foundation’s forthcoming lecture tour in the USA (8-25 March 2012) is a great opportunity to celebrate your Irish connections and they would also like to ask for your help in publicising the USA lecture tour to the widest possible audience.
This year the tour will start in the Pacific northwest and travel all the way across to Ridgewood New Jersey via the southern states. Listed below the details for the events in: Spokane WA, Seattle WA, Portland OR, Tucson AZ, Bentonville AR, Gainesville GA, Staunton VA, Pittsburgh PA, Philadelphia PA, Ridgewood NJ and Lancaster PA.
They hope you might be able to attend one of the programmes, if not they would appreciate your help in promoting the events to your contacts and other local societies.

Who Do You Think You Are Live

Olympia in London plays host to Who do you think you are live on the 24th-26th of February. looks like a good day out and a chance to get some tips from the experts.

Marsden Park Nelson

This site will be of interest to researchers of Lancashire. I knew this park very well growing up in the area but i was not aware that at one time it had been used as an Asylum.

Ancestors Free in USA 1930 Census has opened their records of the USA 1930 Census for free access. These records can be viewed for free from the 17th of February until the 21st of February.

Free 1881 English Census

If you are new to family research you may not know that the 1881 English Census is available online free. I think the best coverage is from You do not have to have a paid membership to view the Census just a free membership.

Message Boards Find Your Ancestors

Do message boards work for finding a connection to your ancestors? I think they do . I have just had a reply back to a posting that i left on a message board in 2007. So they do work even if you have to wait a while.

Do You Remember 7 Up

Do you remember watching 7 Up? I was at the libary today and found a DVD of 35 Up. I can remember watching 7 Up on the old black and white TV when i was growing up in the UK.
It was very interesting to watch 35 Up and to see how they had all turned out. But what about now?
The Up Series is a series of documentary films produced by Granada Television that have followed the lives of fourteen British children since 1964, when they were seven years old. The documentary has had seven episodes spanning 49 years (one episode every seven years) and the documentary has been broadcast on both ITV and BBC. In a 2005 Channel 4 programme, the series topped the list of The 50 Greatest Documentaries.

The children were selected to represent the range of socio-economic backgrounds in Britain at that time, with the explicit assumption that each child's social class predetermines their future. Every seven years, the director, Michael Apted, films new material from as many of the fourteen as he can g…

Britain's Child Migrants

This site is a collaboration between the Australian Maritime Museum and National Museums Liverpool UK. Telling the stories of the child migrants from leaving England and growing up in a different country. There is a message board on the website ,a good place to leave your thoughts or try to find someone.

Immigration Museum Melbourne

The Immigration Museum is in Melbourne, Victoria but you can browse through their extensive web site. Personal stories are told of people from all over the world who migrated to Australia.

Moving to Western Australia

Britain, Western Australian's biggest international visitor market is declining and the number of British moving to Australia has dropped by nearly a third in two years.
In the 12 months to November last year,13,190 people from the UK, Channel Islands and the Isle of Man permanently moved to Australia, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics.Getting less cash for their pound,UK visitors are also choosing other destinations over Australia. With the cost of living so high in Australia many are having second thoughts about moving down under.

Find Your Convict Ancestors Free

To celebrate Australia day , is giving free access to all their Convict records. With one in five people in Australia who have a convict in their ancestry this is a very good opportunity. The records will stay open until the Sunday 29th January.

Convicts Australia Bound

Lots of information on this site to find your ancestors who were transported to Australia as Convicts.Fill in the form, for a bit of fun. Create your own convict.

Frederick William Pennington

Baptism: 8 Aug 1850 St Peter, Liverpool, Lancs.
Frederick William Pennington - [Child] of William Pennington & Ann
Born: 28 May 1850
Abode: London Road
Occupation: Pilot
Baptised by: Tho. Halton Curate
Register: Baptisms 18lerks50 - 1851, Page 145, Entry 1160
Source: LDS Film 93886

This record is from the updated pages at Lancashire Parish Clerks. I have been researching this person. The information that i had on him was his name and that he was baptised at St Peter's Church. I have followed his path through all the census.
This baptism record is for the same Frederick that i have been looking for. Frederick would change his name to just Frederick Williams after a fall out with his father.I have been unable to find a source to show the name change. Has anyone got this person in their family tree? Please leave a comment if you have any information

Your Ancestors Free.Com Three Years Old

This Blog is now 3 Years old . It started life as English Ancestors and when it grew bigger it became Your Ancestors Free.
So what has changed over the 3 years? Well the cost to use sites like have certainly gone up in price.Their monthly world Heritage Package is now $59.95 for one months viewing. This is making membership out of reach for many now.Sites like Your Ancestors Free.Com are here to help you find your ancestors. You can also help others by recommending sites that you come accross.If you would like some help with some of your research,just leave a comment.

Ulster Ancestors

Are you interested in finding out more about your Ulster Ancestors?
A summer school,a joint project between the Ulster Historical Foundation and the University of Ulster will run from the 20th -26th of June 2012.
Take a look at the web site.

Family Photos, The Laverty's

Can anyone place this photo and the people in it. It was given to me by a cousin in Ireland. On the back it says 27 MAY 1931. My cousin said that her mother thought the photo was of the Laverty's. The Laverty.'s were my Grandmother, Elizabeth Laverty family. I have never seen a photo of Elizabeth but she could be in the photo. The lady second from the left would seem to be the most like my Grandmother from what i have heard about her. The Laverty,s were from Dunturk in County Down and were farmers.
Please leave a comment if the photo looks familiar.

Family Research

Thankyou to Mary for sharing her family research.

Family research can require hours of work. Sifting through old records. Bothering everybody and anybody. Phone calls to family for their bits of knowledge. And emails sent to forums, churches, newspapers and message boards. Always with the hope that you will find even one tiny clue to help connect the pieces of your family’s puzzle.

And when you find a photo of an ancestor it’s a bit like manna from Heaven. Eureka! You weren’t expecting it but you had hoped for it. When it’s discovered you are so excited and appreciative. It has happened to me on a few occasions. But only because people shared with me.

Recently I connected with a woman who was seeking information about her husband’s family that might be connected to mine. So we shared. She was so appreciative. Said that her husband had been very ill and was thrilled with this new information. It would give him something to read and absorb during his recovery.

Now this great grandfathe…