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Irish Records

DIPPAM, Documenting Ireland, Parliament, People and Migration.
DIPPAN is an online archive of documents and sources relating to the history of Ireland and its migration from the 18th century to the late 20th century.


GRONI, the General Register Office Northern Ireland is the best place to order your BMD certifficates from Northern Ireland. It costs 8 pounds each for a Birth ,Marriage and Death certifficate.
Registration indexes held by GRONI
Births registered in Northern Ireland from 1 January 1864
Adoptions recorded in the Adopted Children Register Northern Ireland from 1 January 1931
Deaths registered in Northern Ireland from 1 January 1864
Registered Non-Roman Catholic marriages from 1 April 1845 and all registered marriages from 1 January 1864
Civil Partnerships registered in Northern Ireland from 5 December 2005
World War II death indexes from 1939 to 1945.

Northern Ireland BMD Records

Emerald Ancestors is a paid Genealogy site but if you are researching your ancestors from Northern Ireland then you really need to have membership of this site.
Membership is 10 pounds for one months viewing and i have found it to be of good value. If you have friends who have this membership then they can very easily do look ups for you. The records found are Birth, Marriage and Death. Emerald Ancestors has an Advanced search where you can pay to view what details are found on the Certificate. This is an instant viewing of the details ,a cheaper way is to order the cerificate from GRONI.

Best Paid Genealogy Sites 2011

Ancestry Ireland,Ulster Historical Foundation. This site had the records that i could not find anywhere else. It is free to search the site once you have registered but you have to pay to see the results.
I was able through the searchs to find the record that i was looking for. This is the record that i viewed to give you an idea of what to expect.

Ulster Historical Foundation
Field Value
Type Civil Marriages
Date Of Marriage 17/02/1887
Husband Firstname JOHN
Husband Surname LAVERTY
Husband Townland / Street DUNTURK
Husband Occupation FARMER
Husband Age FA
Husband Denomination Roman Catholic
Husband Marital Status Bachelor (Previously unmarried)
Husband Father Firstname JOHN
Husband Father Surname LAVERTY
Husband Father Occupation FARMER
Husband Mother Firstname
Husband Mother Surname
Husband Witness Firstname WILLIAM
Husband Witness Surname BURNS
Wife Firstname MARGARET
Wife Surname PREY
Wife Townland / Street BALLYMAGREEHAN
Wife Occupation
Wife Age FA
Wife Denomination Roman Ca…

My Best Genealogy Sites for 2011

As 2011 draws to an end i have been thinking which Genealogy sites have been the best . Some of then you may not know, feel free to add your favourites to this list by leaving a comment.These are my top fiveG in no particualar order.

Family is a free site to help you discover your family history. They have millions of records taken from hundreds of collections. It is a site that is being upgraded all the time.

The Census of Ireland covers the years 1901 and 1911. These represent a valuable part of the Irish National heritage. I have found them to be a really good resource in my own research. The next best thing about them is that they are free, unlike the English 1911 Census where you have to pay to view a record.

FreeBMD. This site covers birth,marriage and death records for England and Wales. I have found it to be a very valuable resource,easy to use and it is free.I return to it often when i need to look …

Visit Pearl Harbour

I heard on the radio yesterday that it was the 70th Anniversary of Pearl Harbour. I do not know what happened that day except what i have seen in the movies. It was a declaration of war on America by the Japanese and three days later Germany declared war on America too. Today its a popular tourist attraction and is visited from people all over the world. The following link has tours and information on Pearl Harbour.

Perth Western Australia 1907

This is Perth, Western Australia in 1907. The men are dressed in suits and hats. Horse and carts and push bikes are the transport of the day. How different from the dress of today.

John Laverty, Irish Ancestor

After searching many times on the internet for details about John Laverty and his wife Margaret i now have their resting place. The graveyard at Drumnaroad Roman Catholic Church, Castlewellen, County Down . Thankyou to Maureen for taking the time to visit the graveyard and taking the photos of the headstones. If anyone is researching Laverty in that area there are a number of headstones for Laverty,