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Australian Census 2011

Tuesday the 9th of August 2011 is Census night. 100 years 1911- 2011.How times have changed. I will be able to submit my census form online. The census has just been delivered to my house,i was not in but my son took delivry of it.The man who droped off the form was really surprised that my son knew what is was as he said that he had been the first person in my suburb who knew when Census night was, so maybe things have not changed that much.

Emigrant History Of The Mournes

Emigrant history of the Mournes to be celebrated,to read the full story click on the link.

News at Scotlands People

News this month at Scotlands People

Interesting find in the 1841 Census

Staff at the ScotlandsPeople centre were excited to find an entry in the 1841 Census for South Uist that confirmed that many people had emigrated from that Island to Cape Breton in Nova Scotia. It is unusual to find such comments in a Census. Notably the number of people enumerated in North Uist dropped from 4,419 to 3,907 between 1841 to 1851.
The entry, which reads:

There has been no emigration from this Parish for the last 6 months, but for some years past about 300 souls have annually emigrated from this Island to Cape Breton Nova Scotia, there will be about the same number going there from the different districts of the Parish in the month of July next

Frank McCourt, Ireland In The Thirties

Have you read the books by Frank McCourt? If you are interested in how life was for our Irish Ancestors then 'Angela's Ashe's' and 'Tis' are a window into how life was in Ireland in the thirties and America in the fifties.
Take a look at this article on Frank,it is written by Mary one of our readers.

BMD Records Northern Ireland

If you are researching your Ancestors from Northern Ireland then you need to look at The Irish Family History Foundation.They have a Data base of records for Northern Ireland that no other site has. Once you have registered for this site and this is free, you can search for your Ancestors.
You do have to pay to view the records but you can narrow the search down and only view the records when you are certain of the record.