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Will You Be Watching The Wedding

This time tomorrow i will be taking my seat in front of the tv for the Wedding of William and Kate. The champagne will be on ice,i still need to decide what the menu will be as i do not want to be in the kitchen long.I have even considered getting dressed up and i still may do.
I would love to hear from any of you who will be watching the big day at home .

Free Databases for Genealogy

New to Genealogy,just started your family tree? What is the next step. If you are not ready to pay for membership of a big online Genealogy website, then you can start with what is free online.
Ancestry.Com has quite a lot of free databases. You will be asked to sign up for a free account but the account is free and you will be able to use their free information.
Record your family history by creating a FREE family tree online. Start by entering what you know about yourself and your family.
Make a free start on your history by using these popular databases

1880 US Census and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints have worked together to put the transcribed 1880 U.S. Federal census online.

1881 UK Census and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints have worked together to put the transcribed 1881 UK Federal census online.

1881 England Census
1881 Wales Census
1881 Channel Island Census
1881 Isle of Man Census
You can find this information at


How To Find Your Ancestors

I have been researching my husbands family for the past few years. My initial source of information was my Mother in Law. I recommend that you ask your elderly relatives for what information they have about the Ancestors you are researching. This can be a wonderful source but sometimes it can lead you down the garden path. A phone call last night to my Mother in law reviled some information about an Aunt who she said had died as a teenager. In conversation she just happened to mention that the Aunt had married and she gave the surname of her husband. I was able to find the marriage record without any trouble.
For those of you who are stuck with the brick wall, just have a conversation with your elderly relative again, who knows what it may reveal.

Free Baptism Records For County Monaghan

County Monaghan Baptism Records
The Irish Family History Foundation's Online Research Service (ORS) have just made available the first 32,000 baptism records for County Monaghan. These records cover the parishes of: Carrickmacross Donaghmoyne Drummully-Currin
Ematris Errigal Truagh Inishkeen
Magheross Monaghan Tydavnet

Ian Fleming, A Biography

I was looking in a Charity shop today at the books and i came across a Biography about Ian Fleming. We all know him as the creator of James Bond.
I came home with the book and started to read it today. My first impressions are that not only does the reader gain insight in to the man, but also the period that he lived in. Family research is all about Dates and records and we find it hard to imagine what life was like in a time when we were not born. Biographies are a good resource to help us gain insight to the past.

Start Your Family Tree In Five Easy Steps

Finding your Ancestors is getting very popular especially with the Baby Boomers. In the past ten years the amount of information available on the Internet has grown to fulfil this need. There are many free and paid sites that you can visit but before you start that, its a good idea to record what you know about your family history.

1) The first task is to talk to each person in your immediate family about your Ancestors. In particular your surviving members of the older generation.

2)Start by compiling a list of Birth, Marriage and Death records, residency locations and occupations. Make a note of all the family tales that you have heard from your relatives. Keep in mind that the spelling of names can change over the years.

3)See if you can find any Birth, Marriage or Death Certificates of your Ancestors. Old letters, Diary's or photos can be like treasure with vital information coming from them.

4)Visit family burial plots if possible. Graveyard inscriptions can be a valuable source …

Free Records For Australians

If you are a full time resident of Australia and can supply an address in Australia.
Then you are entitled to apply for a Library Card for the National Library Of Australia.
The Library has many resources that are useful to the family history researcher available at both the Library and on line.