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Fairbridge Kid

I saw a street in the EastEnd of London crowded with children-dirty children,yet lovable,exhausted with the heat. No decent air,not enough food. The waste of it all!Children's lives wasting while the Empire cries aloud for men. There are workhouses full,orphanages full and no farmers.
Farmers-children children. And then I saw it quite clearly:train the children to be farmers. Not in England.Teach them their farming in the land where they will farm.Shift the orphans of Britain to the shores of Greater Britain where farmers and farmers wives are wanted.
Kingsley Fairbridge,aged twenty-one,writing of his Vision.

Fairbridge Kid tells the story of John lane. As a ten year old in 1933 he was one of a party of fifty child emigrants who left England for a new life at Kingsley Fairbridge Farm School in Western Australia.
I read this book over ten years ago and i re found it today when i was clearing out a chest of drawers. Fairbridge Kid written by John Lane provides a moving accoun…

Scottish Ancestors 1911 Census Records

Scottish Researchers will soon have access to some new family records.
The 1911 Census for Scotland will soon be online at the web site Scotland's People. It will be available by 11.00 BST on Tuesday the 5th of April.
Happy Searching.

Northern Ireland Records

Happy Saint Patricks Day to you all. Some good news too for researchers of Irish History. PRONI, the Public Record Office of Northern Ireland will open its doors on the 30th of March. Full service will be resumed when it opens at Titanic Quarter in Belfast. For the many of us who are unable to visit there are many records to view online.

How To Find Those Missing Ancestors

How do we find those missing Ancestors. It is a long and slow procedure. Sometimes we get lucky.
I am using Ancestry.Com as my main resource as the family that i am researching spent a number of years in America.

I had a lucky find a couple of weeks ago. A marriage record on Ancestry.Com for a Mary Gregson to a Harry W Mills. They were married on the 8th April 1909 in Wilmington, Newcastle, Delaware. This was a wonderful find as i have been researching her and her family for a couple of years now. This may have been her second marriage but i have not been able to find the records for her first marriage. Nothing wrong with that except when she married Harry Mills she had three children but on the record it says she is single.
This could mean that she never married her first husband,or she got a divorce or she was still married when she married Harry Mills.
I have not been able to find any divorce records so i have come to a halt for the moment. I find when this happens it is better to…

Family Tree Research

This is for all of you that have come across the brick wall and can not get any further. Having full membership of Ancestors.Com has the advantage of being a guest on other people's tree. We all research in a different way. I am afraid that i have neglected many on my own family tree in the pursuit of a couple of individuals .You may do the same yourself.
I am a quest on a friends tree in America and i am constantly getting e-mails from Ancestry that say she has added another person to her tree . It is a rare occasion now that i add someone new on to my family tree. Just goes to show the different ways we research our family history

New Blog For Your Ancestors Free

Welcome to all readers of Your Ancestors free. Today i am introducing a new Blog that i hope you will find interesting and helpful.
Like Your Ancestors Free, it will have tips and links to the best resources with a view to saving you money.
I would welcome any comments or ideas that you have.


A good feature of Ancestry.Com is its members connect. I have just visited my homepage at Ancestry. Someone had saved a record to their tree that i have for my Great Grandfather. After having a look at the person in their tree it seems like they are descended from my Great Grandfathers sister. I was able to drop them a line to mention the connection. Now i just have to wait and see in they get back in touch with me

lancashire Parish Registers

This is still one of the best free sites for the Lancashire area. Take at look at the whats new page, new information is added every few days. There are a number of ways of searching, you can search the whole county, or an area or a parish.
Records are available for Baptism, Marriage and Burial.