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American Ancestors

Last week i was watching a DVD "Who do you think you are ? USA. It followed the journeys of six well know US personalities as they explored their family trees. All were different but they had one thing in common. That was to expect the unexpected. We are all faced with brick walls at some point and this had happened to me. After watching the DVD i was reminded to think outside the square. I had been looking for a marriage record for months, thinking that it had taken place in England. I found the record on Ancestry.Com in Delaware, USA. It was the record i had been searching for months but it had a few unexpected details. The female gave her age as being eight years younger than she really was. The record also stated that she was single. Knowing that i had found her in the 1900 USA ,nine years earlier with a husband and two children it was a surprise but a welcomed record.

Free Family Research

I have noticed lately that have been advertising on the tv. No doubt to all the baby boomers who have not yet started to research their family tree.
While i think that Ancestry is a good website and i am a member myself, there are free sites out there that can help you on your journey of discovering your family history.
One greatly improved site is Family Search.Org.Perhaps it is of more use to the more experienced researcher or maybe it just feels that way as i have been using this free site for a long time. Some of the records available are the same as and they are free .So take a look at this site ,i would like to know what you think.

Ancestors Free

Happy Birthday to Your Ancestors Free.Com.

Two years old today. Thankyou to all the followers and readers. I hope this Blog has been of use to you in your search for your Ancestors.
If you have any questions or just need a bit of help then leave a comment.

Ancestors in New York

This would be a great place to visit for those of you who are able to spend some time in New York.
The Tenement is a New York Museum that tells the the stories of immigrants who lived in 97 Orchard Street ,a Tenement built in 1863 on Manhattan's Lower East Side.

Yorkshire Family

Have you read any good books lately?
I bought "A Life Like Other People's" by Alan Bennett. I ordered it online as a gift but when it came i read it myself first.
Set in Yorkshire it tells the story of Alan's childhood,his parents marriage and the lives of his aunties. I found familiar faces and places in Alan's story having grown up in Lancashire.
Family research is not just about dates ,births, deaths and marriages. It can come alive with memories and stories, just like in Alan's book .