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Irish Records

DIPPAM, Documenting Ireland, Parliament, People and Migration.
DIPPAN is an online archive of documents and sources relating to the history of Ireland and its migration from the 18th century to the late 20th century.


GRONI, the General Register Office Northern Ireland is the best place to order your BMD certifficates from Northern Ireland. It costs 8 pounds each for a Birth ,Marriage and Death certifficate.
Registration indexes held by GRONI
Births registered in Northern Ireland from 1 January 1864
Adoptions recorded in the Adopted Children Register Northern Ireland from 1 January 1931
Deaths registered in Northern Ireland from 1 January 1864
Registered Non-Roman Catholic marriages from 1 April 1845 and all registered marriages from 1 January 1864
Civil Partnerships registered in Northern Ireland from 5 December 2005
World War II death indexes from 1939 to 1945.

Northern Ireland BMD Records

Emerald Ancestors is a paid Genealogy site but if you are researching your ancestors from Northern Ireland then you really need to have membership of this site.
Membership is 10 pounds for one months viewing and i have found it to be of good value. If you have friends who have this membership then they can very easily do look ups for you. The records found are Birth, Marriage and Death. Emerald Ancestors has an Advanced search where you can pay to view what details are found on the Certificate. This is an instant viewing of the details ,a cheaper way is to order the cerificate from GRONI.

Best Paid Genealogy Sites 2011

Ancestry Ireland,Ulster Historical Foundation. This site had the records that i could not find anywhere else. It is free to search the site once you have registered but you have to pay to see the results.
I was able through the searchs to find the record that i was looking for. This is the record that i viewed to give you an idea of what to expect.

Ulster Historical Foundation
Field Value
Type Civil Marriages
Date Of Marriage 17/02/1887
Husband Firstname JOHN
Husband Surname LAVERTY
Husband Townland / Street DUNTURK
Husband Occupation FARMER
Husband Age FA
Husband Denomination Roman Catholic
Husband Marital Status Bachelor (Previously unmarried)
Husband Father Firstname JOHN
Husband Father Surname LAVERTY
Husband Father Occupation FARMER
Husband Mother Firstname
Husband Mother Surname
Husband Witness Firstname WILLIAM
Husband Witness Surname BURNS
Wife Firstname MARGARET
Wife Surname PREY
Wife Townland / Street BALLYMAGREEHAN
Wife Occupation
Wife Age FA
Wife Denomination Roman Ca…

My Best Genealogy Sites for 2011

As 2011 draws to an end i have been thinking which Genealogy sites have been the best . Some of then you may not know, feel free to add your favourites to this list by leaving a comment.These are my top fiveG in no particualar order.

Family is a free site to help you discover your family history. They have millions of records taken from hundreds of collections. It is a site that is being upgraded all the time.

The Census of Ireland covers the years 1901 and 1911. These represent a valuable part of the Irish National heritage. I have found them to be a really good resource in my own research. The next best thing about them is that they are free, unlike the English 1911 Census where you have to pay to view a record.

FreeBMD. This site covers birth,marriage and death records for England and Wales. I have found it to be a very valuable resource,easy to use and it is free.I return to it often when i need to look …

Visit Pearl Harbour

I heard on the radio yesterday that it was the 70th Anniversary of Pearl Harbour. I do not know what happened that day except what i have seen in the movies. It was a declaration of war on America by the Japanese and three days later Germany declared war on America too. Today its a popular tourist attraction and is visited from people all over the world. The following link has tours and information on Pearl Harbour.

Perth Western Australia 1907

This is Perth, Western Australia in 1907. The men are dressed in suits and hats. Horse and carts and push bikes are the transport of the day. How different from the dress of today.

John Laverty, Irish Ancestor

After searching many times on the internet for details about John Laverty and his wife Margaret i now have their resting place. The graveyard at Drumnaroad Roman Catholic Church, Castlewellen, County Down . Thankyou to Maureen for taking the time to visit the graveyard and taking the photos of the headstones. If anyone is researching Laverty in that area there are a number of headstones for Laverty,

Saving The History Of Our Ancestors

You all know how I feel about history. Specifically family history and the immigration experience. And not just my own family’s. Although they will always have a special place in my heart. As they will always have a special place in the history of emigration to the new world.

My family research has provided me with tons of stories but I won’t bore you with all of them. I will share just a bit.

Many in my family would travel from their homeland to make a new life somewhere else. The Irish diaspora would scatter its seeds in many places. Mostly England, Scotland, Australia, New Zealand, and the United States. They contributed, worked hard, fought discrimination and made an absolutely indelible mark in their adopted countries.

I am here today because my Granny came to work in New York City in the late 1920s. As luck would have it my Granda was also working in Manhattan. They were married at St. Ignatius Catholic Church (Park Ave & 84th) and were blessed with four children. Then they…

Wills, Northern Ireland

Wills are a very good source of information. They can give the home address and occupation of the testator. The names of the beneficiaries and some times their address and occupation. All of the members of the immediate family may be named.
They may have the details of the property and goods of the testator and the names of the executors and witnesses to the will who may also be related to the testator.
Wills can therefore give a complete picture of a family,how they lived and evidence of their wealth and social status.
For those of you searching for information on wills in Northern Ireland may just be lucky and find your ancestors in the online wills calendars at Proni.Try different searches when looking at the data bases,try full names,or surnames only with the name of a townland.

Elizabeth Laverty

When i first started my family tree i was most interested in finding out about my Grandmother, my fathers mother.
The only thing that i knew about her was that she had been a laverty before she married my Grandfather Michael McMullan. She came from a farming family, who had land near to the McMullans. This i knew as the only time that i visited 'Family Farm' my Father showed me the land that had once belonged to his Grandfather John Laverty..
I was thrilled to find out that she was named Elizabeth Grace Laverty ,born 1893 to John and Margaret Lavery,in the little townland of Dunturk. Dunturk was a townland of 561 acres,in the parish of Loughinisland, County Down. Her name first came from two sources, my uncle Alan McMullan who also gave me the names of his McMullan Grandparents.The second source was the 1901 Irish Census, Elizabeth was listed with her family in Dunturk as an 8 year old. e
I found her marriage record to Michael McMullan on the web site Emerald
Ancestors. T…

Stranraer Ferry To Close

The closure of the Stranraer ferry at the weekend brings to an end an historical link that lasted for around 150 years. Stranraer became an official ferry port for Ireland when the railway line arrived and eventually went all the way to the harbour.
It was appointed as an official Royal Mail port securing its future,sailing to Larne in County Antrim.
The end of this ferry run came because it had become increasingly uneconomical to use. With high fuel costs and small ship's the amount of freight was limited so it was time to make a change.
New large ferries and a brand new 80 million port will replace the old port and ferries. The new Loch Ryan Port ,built by Stena Line is close to the mouth of the Loch and this will reduce the travel time.
Progress yes but still a little sad when you think of our Irish Ancestors leaving and returning to the homeland.

How To Get More From Your Ancestors Search

The Best free site for finding your Ancestors has to be Family When ever i use this site i always seem to find something new.
New records are being indexed all the time.
Most people though who use Family Search do not get the full benefit of their search. If the name of the person does not show up using the search fields,then they leave the site. Users need to remember that there are over 300 million names that have not been indexed.
To view this Collection return to the home page and use the Browse only images.

Manchester Research

If you have research in the the Manchester area, then you may find this interesting. I came across 'A Manchester Researchers Tale' as i was looking for information for Hulme. The path the researcher takes may give you some new ideas.

New Zealand Family Records Your New Zealand Ancestors Free

In no particular order these are my links for helping you find your New Zealand Ancestors.
Ancestry has 20 million records for New Zealand. These include The New Zealand Army Reserve WW1 1916-1917. Nominal Rolls 1914-1918.

Gallipoli is a good resource for researching the New Zealand Army Co

Free BMD Records exchange Australasia is a free genealogy resource to share vital information.

Free Electoral Rolls New Zealand. The 1881 Electoral Roll Covers North Auckland, Auckland Metropolitan and South Auckland areas in to the Waikato. It is the nearest equivalent to the British Census but only lists males .

BMD Records New Zealand. You can order Birth, Death and Marriage records from The Department of Internal Affairs BMD Registers.

Free BMD Records New Zealand. To protect privacy only historical records are available. Birth records from …

Grange Over Sands

In the early 1800's Grange over sands was quiet little town in Lancashire. It was the coming of the Railroad by the Furness Railway Company that would put Grange on the map.
The railway company also built the Grange Hotel in 1866. This Hotel would cater for the wealthy visitors now arriving in Grange to sample the "genteel" surroundings and the sea air.
For the past 50 years the Grange has been a family run Hotel, with its present owner taking over in the 90's.
I visited the Grange Hotel on a recent holiday in England. It was very pleasing to see the Hotel looking so splendid, a modern day luxury for visitors to Grange over sands.
The Grange and i share a part of history, i used to work there. Take a look with the link.

Modern History At The Imperial War Museum

While i was on holiday in London recently, i visited the Imperial War Museum. It was a realistic window into our modern history.
I found the Holocaust Exhibition to be the most interesting and moving. Starting with the rise of the Nazi Party the exhibition tells the story of the mass extermination of a race of people. Personal letters and photos were among artifacts from the extermination camps.
If you live near London or will be visting soon,then take the time to visit this Museum, entry is free.

Save Washington Street

Washington Street ,Lower Manhattan holds a place in the history of Immigration from all over the world.
Lebanese,Syrians, Palestinians, Greek, Turks, Armenians, Slovaks, Poles, Hungarians, Czechs, Lithuanians, and the Irish would call this place home. Now, not a great deal of the neighbourhood remains. 'Save Washington Street' is a web site that remembers the history of the area and asks that you consider the loss of heritage if the remaining buildings are knocked down.

Irish History Lectures

For researchers of Irish History who are unable to visit Proni,you can now listen to the Lectures online at You Tube.

The ist lecture is about exploring Local History and can be found at

Scotish Census Records

For Researchers of Scotland new records have been added to 'Scotlands People' These free to view lists cover the main Streets in the Towns and Cities.

Family History At The Imperial War Museum

Having just got home from a trip to London and the United Kingdom i have just looked at the website for the Immperial War Museum. It was a place that i enjoyed visiting ,also a good sorce of imformation for the family resercher. Online they have information on Tracing Merchant Navy Ancestry,Army Ancestry.West Indian Service Personel.

Irish Baptismal Records For Waterford

Co. Waterford Church Baptismal Records Now Available

The Irish Family History Foundation's Online Research Service (ORS) are pleased to announce the availability of an additional 535,000 church baptismal records from the Waterford Genealogy Centre for Roman Catholic parishes in Co. Waterford.

To view these records use the following link.

World War 2 Japan Pow

This site documents the stories of prisoners of war captured by the Japanese and the medical personnel who cared for them.
61,000 prisoners of war were forced to work on the Burma-Thailand Railway in the most atrocious conditions. This is their story.

Ulster Historical Foundation Events

For those of you in the area the Ulster Historical Foundation is running some events that sound really worthwhile. For further information their e-mail is

20 SEPTEMBER: Rev W Richardson (1740-1812) The Northwest Connection, a talk with Alan Blackstock with the Coleraine Historical Society
20 SEPTEMBER: The Archdeacon's Tale with Margaret Murphy, part of the Medieval Dublin lecture series held at Wood Quay Venue.
23 SEPTEMBER: Genealogical Society of Ireland, Guild of One Name Studies and Clans of Ireland are hosting an event at the Dublin City Library & Archive, contact
24 SEPTEMBER: Full day Family History Seminar with Irish Family History Society at the Dublin City Library & Archive
29 SEPTEMBER: What is Local History? First lecture in new local history series with PRONI & Open University, contact
8 OCTOBER: First lecture in Family, Community & Migration History course at Ballymena Central Library, c…

Free Immigration Records On Ancestry

Now is the time to find your Ancestors in the Immigration Records. Ancestry.Com has opened their immigration records for free search and viewing. This will only be available until the 5th of September. To begin your search you just have to register, this is also free. Just click on the link below.

Roughlee Village ,Lancashire

This site may be of interest to people like myself who grew up in the surrounding area. The countryside is beautiful and i have walked the footpaths and fields many times. In recent times i found out that my Ancestors ,the Hartleys farmed in this area. The pub,the Bay Horse Inn is the centre of the village. Take a look at the website.

How To Order BMD Certificates For Northern Ireland

Birth, Marriage and Death Certificates for Northern Ireland can be ordered in person at the General Register Office, Oxford House, 49-55 Chichester Street,Belfast,BT1 4HL.
If you have a credit or a debit card you can order a certificate online. Click on the link below.

County Down Births

New birth records from County Down have been added to this useful site for the years 1865-1875.

How Our Families Lived In The Past

I was sat at my piano today ,trying to play a few tunes and i noticed this photo that i have framed on the piano. It is of my late Grandparents and must have been taken around 1949. How different life was then. You notice the sheet music on the piano, no big tv's, computors ,Play stations, mobile phones. My Grandmother loved to sing and their social life was based around the piano.
You can build up a picture of life for your Ancestors through photos and letters.

New Liverpool Records On Ancestry.Com

For those of you researching Liverpool, Ancestry.Com has some really good records that have just been released online.They include Liverpool Lancashire Baptisms 1813-1906, Marriages and Banns 1815-1921, Burials 1813-1974 and Confirmations 1887-1921

Australian Census 2011

Tuesday the 9th of August 2011 is Census night. 100 years 1911- 2011.How times have changed. I will be able to submit my census form online. The census has just been delivered to my house,i was not in but my son took delivry of it.The man who droped off the form was really surprised that my son knew what is was as he said that he had been the first person in my suburb who knew when Census night was, so maybe things have not changed that much.

Emigrant History Of The Mournes

Emigrant history of the Mournes to be celebrated,to read the full story click on the link.

News at Scotlands People

News this month at Scotlands People

Interesting find in the 1841 Census

Staff at the ScotlandsPeople centre were excited to find an entry in the 1841 Census for South Uist that confirmed that many people had emigrated from that Island to Cape Breton in Nova Scotia. It is unusual to find such comments in a Census. Notably the number of people enumerated in North Uist dropped from 4,419 to 3,907 between 1841 to 1851.
The entry, which reads:

There has been no emigration from this Parish for the last 6 months, but for some years past about 300 souls have annually emigrated from this Island to Cape Breton Nova Scotia, there will be about the same number going there from the different districts of the Parish in the month of July next

Frank McCourt, Ireland In The Thirties

Have you read the books by Frank McCourt? If you are interested in how life was for our Irish Ancestors then 'Angela's Ashe's' and 'Tis' are a window into how life was in Ireland in the thirties and America in the fifties.
Take a look at this article on Frank,it is written by Mary one of our readers.

BMD Records Northern Ireland

If you are researching your Ancestors from Northern Ireland then you need to look at The Irish Family History Foundation.They have a Data base of records for Northern Ireland that no other site has. Once you have registered for this site and this is free, you can search for your Ancestors.
You do have to pay to view the records but you can narrow the search down and only view the records when you are certain of the record.

How To Order BMD Records Online

I have just ordered a Birth Certificate online from the UK. I am not 100% sure that its the person that i am researching but sometime you just have to take a chance in order to move on. To be honest its the first one that i have ordered in a while and i had to look through this web site for the Certificates Online Website.
I recommend that you first find the birth, death or marriage details at FreeBMD-Search. Make a note when looking at the record for the name of the District, the Vol and the page number as you will need this information when placing your order for the certificate. At the moment they are charging 9.25 pounds which works out to be about 15 dollars Australian
Here is the link for the FreeBMD-Search

This link will take you to the site

New Search Engine For Australians

Trove is a powerful search engine that makes it possible to find and access over 90 million Australian information resources. You can also browse ‘zones’ of information—books, journals, magazines, and articles; maps; pictures and photos; Australian newspapers; diaries, letters, and archives; archived websites; and biographies of people and organisations.

Killyleagh To Pawtucket

Thankyou to Mary for sending me this story.

This is a story written by James Bruno about my grandfather, Thomas J. Kelly, printed in the Providence Sunday Journal in April of 1959. He was so gifted. Poppy sang like an angel and when he wasn’t singing he was whistling. My grandmother told my mother that she fell in love with him when she heard him sing. Lucky for me. I miss them both.

The title is "Pawtucket’s Singing Sexton" and "Thomas Kelly an Irishman Who Proves it in Music."

"They laughed when I walked on stage with my melodeon, but when I played an Irish jig and Marion Miliken danced as an Irish colleen–that got ‘em.”

You can see from the foregoing, that Thomas J. Kelly is an Irishman, and he loves to sing about it. Seems everything he does is in some way Irish. He was describing the recent “Irish Revue” of St. Mary’s Church in Pawtucket.

Mr. Kelly is Pawtucket’s “Singing Sexton.” The Irish tenor, who lives at 23 Randall Street, sings for weddings and funera…

New Records For Wicklow Online Now

The Irish Family History Foundation have added Church Marriage records for Wicklow to their site. Registration to the site is free with free access to search the index.
Each record is available on a pay to view basis.

Free Passenger Lists War Brides

After the 2nd World War more than one hundred thousand British War Brides left their homes and families to start a new life with their husbands. Many of them had young children and babies and they also made the trip. Most of the war brides went to Canada and the United States but some went to South Africa,Australia and New Zealand.

Take a look at the link below,the site has passenger lists for many of these war brides.

New Zealand, What's The Story

The Encyclopedia of New Zealand is a comprehensive guide to New Zealand people, natural environment, history, culture, economy and society.
One section on this site will be of great interest to researchers of New Zealand . The Dictionary of New Zealand Biography, it tells the story of over 3000 New Zealanders.

Parishes In The County Of Lancashire

If your ancestors came from Lancashire then there is a good chance that they may be mentioned on this site. This is a free site and an excellent source.
It can be searched by name or parish. The records found here are Baptism, Marriage and Burial. The records usually give the name of the father and his address and occupation.New Records are added every few days so if you do not find what you are looking for, then check back in a couple of weeks .

Your Ancestors US WW2 Navy Records

The big advantages to belonging to a site like Ancestry.Com are the new records that are regular being put online.
Full world coverage is also good to have if you had English Ancestors who moved to the USA. New records have just been put online at Ancestry, US WW11 Navy Muster Rolls and US Cruise Books. Take a look at Ancestry.Com and if you are new to the site you may be able to take advantage of their free trial.

Your Ancestors From Scotland

If your Ancestors came from Scotland then you can find them on Scotland's best family history site . Scotland's people now have live online the 1911 Scotish Census.

ScotlandsPeople Centre, Scotland's largest family history centre, the ScotlandsPeople Centre, is open in Edinburgh at the east end of Princes Street opposite the Balmoral Hotel.

You can either visit them between 09:00 to 16:30 weekdays for 15GBP per day or we have free non -bookable two hour introductory sessions from 10:00 to 12:00 and 14:00 to 16:00
See them online at

Family History

I was watching an episode of Antiques Road Show tonight and thinking how lucky some people were to be left items that had been passed down through the generations.
On tonight's Antiques there was a collection of postcard size water colour's that had been painted by a young man in 1860.He was abroad somewhere in Africa and he had sent these paintings along with a letter to his parents to show them what life was like over there.What a wonderful thing from the past to have. The owner of the paintings was the great great grandson of the painter and he said that he would never sell them.

Lancashire Parish Registers

For those of you researching Lancashire and its local family's,here is an interesting article. It has been taken out of the book "Memorials of old Lancashire" VOll 11 published in 1909. The family name Hartley was of interest to me and it was noted to be a popular family surname for Colne, Colne's most famous Hartley was Wallace Hartley who went down on the Titanic while still entertaining the remaining Passengers.Wallace Hartley was the violinist and Band Master on the Titanic.

Find Your Ancestors,New Records

Ancestry has just released 20 million records for New Zealand. They include the New Zealand Army Reserve Rolls WW1 1916-1917,WW1 Nominal Rolls 1914-1918 and WW2 Nominal Rolls 1939-1948.
Australia has not been forgotten with new records for the Birth,Death and Marriage indexes.
Also among the new records were Baptism ,Marriage and Burials for Liverpool, Lancashire, England. I was very pleased to see these records and i was able to view the actual baptism record of an Ancestor that i have been researching.

Will You Be Watching The Wedding

This time tomorrow i will be taking my seat in front of the tv for the Wedding of William and Kate. The champagne will be on ice,i still need to decide what the menu will be as i do not want to be in the kitchen long.I have even considered getting dressed up and i still may do.
I would love to hear from any of you who will be watching the big day at home .

Free Databases for Genealogy

New to Genealogy,just started your family tree? What is the next step. If you are not ready to pay for membership of a big online Genealogy website, then you can start with what is free online.
Ancestry.Com has quite a lot of free databases. You will be asked to sign up for a free account but the account is free and you will be able to use their free information.
Record your family history by creating a FREE family tree online. Start by entering what you know about yourself and your family.
Make a free start on your history by using these popular databases

1880 US Census and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints have worked together to put the transcribed 1880 U.S. Federal census online.

1881 UK Census and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints have worked together to put the transcribed 1881 UK Federal census online.

1881 England Census
1881 Wales Census
1881 Channel Island Census
1881 Isle of Man Census
You can find this information at


How To Find Your Ancestors

I have been researching my husbands family for the past few years. My initial source of information was my Mother in Law. I recommend that you ask your elderly relatives for what information they have about the Ancestors you are researching. This can be a wonderful source but sometimes it can lead you down the garden path. A phone call last night to my Mother in law reviled some information about an Aunt who she said had died as a teenager. In conversation she just happened to mention that the Aunt had married and she gave the surname of her husband. I was able to find the marriage record without any trouble.
For those of you who are stuck with the brick wall, just have a conversation with your elderly relative again, who knows what it may reveal.

Free Baptism Records For County Monaghan

County Monaghan Baptism Records
The Irish Family History Foundation's Online Research Service (ORS) have just made available the first 32,000 baptism records for County Monaghan. These records cover the parishes of: Carrickmacross Donaghmoyne Drummully-Currin
Ematris Errigal Truagh Inishkeen
Magheross Monaghan Tydavnet

Ian Fleming, A Biography

I was looking in a Charity shop today at the books and i came across a Biography about Ian Fleming. We all know him as the creator of James Bond.
I came home with the book and started to read it today. My first impressions are that not only does the reader gain insight in to the man, but also the period that he lived in. Family research is all about Dates and records and we find it hard to imagine what life was like in a time when we were not born. Biographies are a good resource to help us gain insight to the past.

Start Your Family Tree In Five Easy Steps

Finding your Ancestors is getting very popular especially with the Baby Boomers. In the past ten years the amount of information available on the Internet has grown to fulfil this need. There are many free and paid sites that you can visit but before you start that, its a good idea to record what you know about your family history.

1) The first task is to talk to each person in your immediate family about your Ancestors. In particular your surviving members of the older generation.

2)Start by compiling a list of Birth, Marriage and Death records, residency locations and occupations. Make a note of all the family tales that you have heard from your relatives. Keep in mind that the spelling of names can change over the years.

3)See if you can find any Birth, Marriage or Death Certificates of your Ancestors. Old letters, Diary's or photos can be like treasure with vital information coming from them.

4)Visit family burial plots if possible. Graveyard inscriptions can be a valuable source …

Free Records For Australians

If you are a full time resident of Australia and can supply an address in Australia.
Then you are entitled to apply for a Library Card for the National Library Of Australia.
The Library has many resources that are useful to the family history researcher available at both the Library and on line.

Fairbridge Kid

I saw a street in the EastEnd of London crowded with children-dirty children,yet lovable,exhausted with the heat. No decent air,not enough food. The waste of it all!Children's lives wasting while the Empire cries aloud for men. There are workhouses full,orphanages full and no farmers.
Farmers-children children. And then I saw it quite clearly:train the children to be farmers. Not in England.Teach them their farming in the land where they will farm.Shift the orphans of Britain to the shores of Greater Britain where farmers and farmers wives are wanted.
Kingsley Fairbridge,aged twenty-one,writing of his Vision.

Fairbridge Kid tells the story of John lane. As a ten year old in 1933 he was one of a party of fifty child emigrants who left England for a new life at Kingsley Fairbridge Farm School in Western Australia.
I read this book over ten years ago and i re found it today when i was clearing out a chest of drawers. Fairbridge Kid written by John Lane provides a moving accoun…

Scottish Ancestors 1911 Census Records

Scottish Researchers will soon have access to some new family records.
The 1911 Census for Scotland will soon be online at the web site Scotland's People. It will be available by 11.00 BST on Tuesday the 5th of April.
Happy Searching.

Northern Ireland Records

Happy Saint Patricks Day to you all. Some good news too for researchers of Irish History. PRONI, the Public Record Office of Northern Ireland will open its doors on the 30th of March. Full service will be resumed when it opens at Titanic Quarter in Belfast. For the many of us who are unable to visit there are many records to view online.

How To Find Those Missing Ancestors

How do we find those missing Ancestors. It is a long and slow procedure. Sometimes we get lucky.
I am using Ancestry.Com as my main resource as the family that i am researching spent a number of years in America.

I had a lucky find a couple of weeks ago. A marriage record on Ancestry.Com for a Mary Gregson to a Harry W Mills. They were married on the 8th April 1909 in Wilmington, Newcastle, Delaware. This was a wonderful find as i have been researching her and her family for a couple of years now. This may have been her second marriage but i have not been able to find the records for her first marriage. Nothing wrong with that except when she married Harry Mills she had three children but on the record it says she is single.
This could mean that she never married her first husband,or she got a divorce or she was still married when she married Harry Mills.
I have not been able to find any divorce records so i have come to a halt for the moment. I find when this happens it is better to…

Family Tree Research

This is for all of you that have come across the brick wall and can not get any further. Having full membership of Ancestors.Com has the advantage of being a guest on other people's tree. We all research in a different way. I am afraid that i have neglected many on my own family tree in the pursuit of a couple of individuals .You may do the same yourself.
I am a quest on a friends tree in America and i am constantly getting e-mails from Ancestry that say she has added another person to her tree . It is a rare occasion now that i add someone new on to my family tree. Just goes to show the different ways we research our family history

New Blog For Your Ancestors Free

Welcome to all readers of Your Ancestors free. Today i am introducing a new Blog that i hope you will find interesting and helpful.
Like Your Ancestors Free, it will have tips and links to the best resources with a view to saving you money.
I would welcome any comments or ideas that you have.


A good feature of Ancestry.Com is its members connect. I have just visited my homepage at Ancestry. Someone had saved a record to their tree that i have for my Great Grandfather. After having a look at the person in their tree it seems like they are descended from my Great Grandfathers sister. I was able to drop them a line to mention the connection. Now i just have to wait and see in they get back in touch with me

lancashire Parish Registers

This is still one of the best free sites for the Lancashire area. Take at look at the whats new page, new information is added every few days. There are a number of ways of searching, you can search the whole county, or an area or a parish.
Records are available for Baptism, Marriage and Burial.

Liverpool Roman Catholic BMD Records

This seems to be a new site and a very useful one. It is free to search with new records being added all the time. It should be of great interest to anyone researching Liverpool

New Zealand Immigration

Does New Zealand need you?
New Zealand is a growing nation with just 4 million people. It was recently ranked as the third best country to live in by the UN. Coming first and second on the list were Norway and Australia.
You may have thought of starting a new life just like our ancestors. New Zealand has a lot to offer with its life style either for Immigration or a working holiday. Take a look at this Government site for New Zealand

Lancashire Public Records

LANCAT is Lancashire Record Office's online Catalogue. It is free to search and well worth a good look to see if your Ancestors are mentioned

Northern Ireland Wedding Photos

Images from the Public Record Office of Northern Ireland (PRONI) archives are now available on the photo sharing website Flickr.
The first collection of Proni images available on Flickr are Wedding and family group portraits taken by the Allison Photographic Studios, Armagh, between circa 1900 and 1955

American Ancestors

Last week i was watching a DVD "Who do you think you are ? USA. It followed the journeys of six well know US personalities as they explored their family trees. All were different but they had one thing in common. That was to expect the unexpected. We are all faced with brick walls at some point and this had happened to me. After watching the DVD i was reminded to think outside the square. I had been looking for a marriage record for months, thinking that it had taken place in England. I found the record on Ancestry.Com in Delaware, USA. It was the record i had been searching for months but it had a few unexpected details. The female gave her age as being eight years younger than she really was. The record also stated that she was single. Knowing that i had found her in the 1900 USA ,nine years earlier with a husband and two children it was a surprise but a welcomed record.

Free Family Research

I have noticed lately that have been advertising on the tv. No doubt to all the baby boomers who have not yet started to research their family tree.
While i think that Ancestry is a good website and i am a member myself, there are free sites out there that can help you on your journey of discovering your family history.
One greatly improved site is Family Search.Org.Perhaps it is of more use to the more experienced researcher or maybe it just feels that way as i have been using this free site for a long time. Some of the records available are the same as and they are free .So take a look at this site ,i would like to know what you think.

Ancestors Free

Happy Birthday to Your Ancestors Free.Com.

Two years old today. Thankyou to all the followers and readers. I hope this Blog has been of use to you in your search for your Ancestors.
If you have any questions or just need a bit of help then leave a comment.

Ancestors in New York

This would be a great place to visit for those of you who are able to spend some time in New York.
The Tenement is a New York Museum that tells the the stories of immigrants who lived in 97 Orchard Street ,a Tenement built in 1863 on Manhattan's Lower East Side.

Yorkshire Family

Have you read any good books lately?
I bought "A Life Like Other People's" by Alan Bennett. I ordered it online as a gift but when it came i read it myself first.
Set in Yorkshire it tells the story of Alan's childhood,his parents marriage and the lives of his aunties. I found familiar faces and places in Alan's story having grown up in Lancashire.
Family research is not just about dates ,births, deaths and marriages. It can come alive with memories and stories, just like in Alan's book .