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Irish Wills

If you are researching Irish Ancestors then you may have been to this site before . The good news is that the information for Wills has been greatly improved. Now a fully search able index to the Will Calender entries of Armagh, Belfast and Londonderry is available online for free.
The database covers 1858-1914 and 1922-1945. Digitised images of entries for the period 1858 1900 are also online and are free to view.

Australian Ancestors, Fremantle

Most West Australians will have visited Fremantle, no doubt to have 'Fish and Chips'.
Are they aware though of the Army Museum there and the part it played in the 1st and 2nd World War?
The Army Museum is located in the historic Artillery Barracks that were established in Fremantle in 1910
Take a look at the Museum and the role it has played.

Find Your Ancestors this Christmas

I don't know how it managed to get here so fast this year but we are now in the big countdown to Christmas. If you are wondering what to give the keen family history researcher as a present, then membership of a big Ancestry site may be a good idea.
As you are reading this ,then you may be thinking that you would like this for yourself. You could drop a few hints or go the whole hog and buy it for yourself.
Ever since i received a Microwave for Christmas i have either asked for a particular thing or gone out and bought my own present.
Another present that would suit the researcher is the DVD set of the TV series 'Who do you think you are' This has been a TV show that started in the UK and then Australia and America produced their own series. This may be a particular good idea for those of you who live in a cold climate at Christmas.
Enjoy your shopping!

Naval Medals Records

Have you looked on lately to see what is new?
They now have Naval Medals and Award Rolls 1793-1922. I was able to find the Medal record for my Great Uncle Allen McMullen. He had been awarded the Star, Victory Medal and the British War Medal.

Lancashire Ancestors

Lancashire Ancestors can be be found in Lancashire Cemeteries. This site is free to search the records. To view the Headstone Inscriptions and Burial Records a small fee is charged.
For WW1 Casualties the records are free to search and view.

Finding Your Ancestors Photograph

While visiting my parents a couple of years ago I was rummaging through some of my late grandmother’s belongings. Prayer books and a few other items. One of the items was an old, sepia toned framed photograph of an older woman dressed in the finery of the day. I asked my mother who she was. She had no idea. Just that it had always been on her mother’s dresser. I asked my aunt. She didn’t know. So, I took the photo out of the frame to look on the back for possible clues. It was one of those old postcard photos. And there was only one word. Rose. No last name. No date.

My Nana was not a sentimental woman. She did not hang on to things for very long. And she very rarely talked about her family or her years growing up in the mill town of Lurgan in County Armagh, Ireland. We knew her father died young and her mother remarried. She had told my mother that during that time the kids were with relatives. I have no idea why.

I adored my grandmother so naturally I was quite intrigued. This must …

HMS Indefatigable

Yesterday was the day that we remember, those who gave up their lives for their Country.
On the 11th hour of the 11th day in the 11th month we have two minutes silence. I was at home doing the ironing when it came on the radio. For years i never had any connection with this until i found out that my Great Uncle Allen McMullen had lost his life on the 31st May 1916 on the HMS Indefatigable.

Irish Superstitions

If your Ancestors came from Ireland, then there is a good chance that you have heard of a few Irish Superstitions.
One of them is the story about the 'Seventh Son Of The Seventh Son'
In Irish Folklore he possessed Supernatural Powers. It was said that the Seventh Son would have these powers but if his Father had been the Seventh Son then the powers were greater.

My father would tell me the tale that his youngest brother was the 'Seventh Son of the Seventh Son' and on occasions had been able to see into the future. 'Uncle Tony' was indeed the Seventh Son but after finding my Grandfather and his family in the Census. I realised that my Grandfather was the Eighth Son as he was the youngest child of ten, eight boys and two girls. Now we all know that the Irish can tell a tale and my Dad was no exception !

The Best Free Genealogy Websites

One of our readers has asked the question 'What are the best free Genealogy sites'
No doubt we will all have a different favourite. Here are my favourite three.

Number 1) Roz Davis's County Down website

Number 2) lancashire Parish Clerks Online

Number 3) FreeBMD

Parish Records for Southport, Lancashire

I have been asked for Parish Records for Southport, Lancashire. Follow the link, then click on OPC Search which is on the left of the page. Then you need to click on the letter S for Southport . The records are there for Southport. If you do not see the records that you are looking for ,then check back in a couple of weeks as this site is always being updated.