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Search Indexed Records Free

You can search millions of records on this site free. More records are being added each month so if you do not find what you are looking for now, then check again in a few weeks.I have found quite a few records on this site. It took a bit of time though to bring up the best search. I had the greatest success when i used the advance search. Try in different areas of residence and the names of parents if the results are not showing up.

Griffiths Valuation 1863

I have been researching my Irish Ancestors lately . As those of you looking for Irish records will already know that its like finding a needle in a haystack. The lack of records is not helped with all the names being the same. I found the marriage record of my Great Grandfather John McMullan and his witness was also called John McMullan.
I am looking on sites that i have visited before but i still find new bits of information.
One record that i always return too is the Griffiths Valuation. This one is on the Drumaroad and Clanvaragham site and is very nicely laid out.

Western Australian Genealogical Society

This Genealogy society is located in Perth. It has links to genealogy websites and lists the library's in Perth where records are stored.