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Ten Pound Poms

I was chatting with a friend on facebook the other day,she lives in America. I mentioned that we had a new Prime Minister and that she was a 10 pound pom. She had no idea what i was talking about so this posting is for her and anyone else who does not know the meaning of a 10 pound pom.

Created as part of the "Populate or Perish" policy, the scheme was designed to substantially increase the population of Australia and to supply workers for the country's booming industries. In return for subsidising the cost of travelling to Australia — adult migrants were charged only ten pound sterling for the fare (hence the name), and children were allowed to travel for free — the Government promised employment prospects, housing and a generally more optimistic lifestyle. However, on arrival, migrants were placed in basic hostels and the expected job opportunities were not always readily available.

Assisted migrants were generally obliged to remain in Australia for two years after arriv…


I have a new hobby, one that is sort of connected to the past. Its collecting. I started off collecting Blue Delft , and Swedish Glass . I picked up a nice China milk jug that is from a company Barratts in England, so now i will try and find the matching set or at least the teapot and the cup and saucers .
It would be wonderfull if i had a dinner service that had been pasted down through the ages, but i am not so lucky. So how about you? have you still got the family Dinner service that was used by your ancestors.

The Not so Free Ancestors

Is it just me or has the price of Genealogy Sites suddenly gone up in price? I have always paid by the month which works out to be more expensive but i would imagine that most of you will pay this way.

On checking today i found that the UK Heritage monthly was $21.95. The UK Heritage Plus monthly was $24.95 and the World Heritage monthly was $49.95. I seem to remember not too long ago paying around $34 Australian dollars for The World Heritage monthly.I am not aware of any new collections having been added on to Ancestry.Com.

So it seems to me that Ancestry are losing customers, so what do they do ,they put the price up. The people who take out membership have to pay more to compensate for lesser numbers. I would have thought that dropping their prices would bring in more customers.

Thankyou to all Gennealogy Sites that are Free to trace your Ancestors.

Free Irish Genealogy

Huge Data Base of Irish Genealogy records to help you find your Irish Ancestors. Types of records include Birth, Marriage, Baptism. Take a look

Free 1901 Engliish Census

Its always the case, you have full membership from and you don't use it. Then you need to do a look up and you can not do that as no one is giving free search and downloads of the 1901 English Census. I am reluctant to take out membership just for one look up .The Irish have the right idea,the 1901 and the 1911 Census is free to search and download the results.
Does anyone know where you can view and download the 1901 English Census for free? The only site that i found gave a free days viewing in 2005 not that thats going to help me now. Do you all feel the same?

Staffordshire Villages

In the comments today at Your Ancestors Free.Com there was a request for information regarding old village place names. The reader was having a problem locating old villages on today's maps. Sometimes the names have changed slightly such as higher or lower, little or big.In answer to the request i have included a link to a web site where the owner is researching the same area as the reader.

Free Irish Census 1911

At last the Census we have all been waiting for, the Irish 1911 Census is now on line. It is also free for everyone to search. So take a look for those Irish Ancestors.