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Your Past In Photos

I have mentioned this site before but as its so unusual i thought that i would mention it again. See your past haunts on a collection of Photos. You can revisit the place where you grew up or a favourite holiday spot. Leave a comment about a photo and the web site will e-mail the link back to you when someone else leaves a comment.
Well worth a visit.

Richard Hunt

My posting on the River Mersey and Pilots has brought in many comments, mainly on people looking for information about Ancestors. I will try to help where i can and i always try to reply to your comments. A comment came in today about a Richard Hunt, a flatman. I have found his name mentioned on a site ,the link below will take you to the web page.

Researching Northern Ireland

If you are researching Ancestors in Northen Ireland then i would recomend the web site Emerald Ancestors. This site covers Irish Ancestors in Counties Antrim, Armagh, Down, Fermanagh, Londonderry and Tyrone. It is a paid site but at 10 pounds for one month,i think its good value. If you have a friend researching the same area then it pays to take the monthly membership in turn. It is very easy to do look ups for each other. The main information on the site covers marriage and birth records.

Family heirlooms From The Past

One of the favorite TV shows in my house is Antiques Roadshow. You may be lucky enough to have something passed down from an earlier generation. This does not have to be an expensive painting or chest of drawers. Some of the most precious items could be family photos or letters. Both of these can help tell a story from your family's past. Imagine if your ancestors had left England or Ireland to start a new life in the United States Of America. What if you had a photo of that family on board the ship taking them to their new lives. A letter back to the old country in those first few weeks telling of their new lives would be just as precious. Have another look at all your old photos and letters ,you may find out some new information that you had overlooked.

Irish Ancestors Message Boards

I came across this site today, after looking at it about a year ago. I noticed today that they have free message boards for each County in Ireland.I only had a look at County Down and found many messages under a list of Surnames. There are many people out there just like you searching for a link for their family tree. Take a look, it may have some new information.

Your Ancestors Free

Welcome to all the new Followers of Your Ancestors Free.Com. Thank you for taking the time to join this Blog. If you have any questions or an interesting story then feel free to leave a comment.

Evacuation Of Children in WW2

I was watching a program on the TV today that was about WW2 .Black and white movies of the day were capturing thousands of children loading on to steam trains to take them to a safer haven. My husband commented that his mother had been evacuated as a young child, along with her bother and sister They had been living in London and had been sent to live in Neston,on the Wirral. This move would have a big impact on her future life as she would always live in that area. Take a look at the website below to read about how it all happened.

Date for Release of 1901 Irish Census

At last we will soon be able to view the 1901 full Irish Cenus. This good news was on the website for the National Archives of Ireland.

'1901 Census material, with all data transcribed, will be launched before the end of June 2010. It will be launched all at once rather than in tranches as with 1911'

That is certainly a day to mark in your diary

Irish Orphans Transported to Australia

The Famine in Ireland left many children as orphans. Between 1848 and 1850 many orphaned girls were sent from County Cork to Australia. Take a look at the link ,it has a Database of the girls sent from Cork.

County Wicklow To Canada

It is surprising what you find once you start on a path of research. I have only just begun to look at County Wicklow as someone asked if i had any links to the 1901Census for Wicklow. This lead to finding passenger lists from Wicklow to Canada. Here is another link about those poor Irish leaving their homeland.

Sothwest County Wicklow to Ontario Canada

This may be of interest to those who are researching Ancestors leaving Wicklow for Canada. It covers the years 1847 to 1855.

Find Lost Friends

How many times have you thought to yourself 'I wonder what ever happened to so and so' How do you go about looking for them. There are a number of social sites now online where you could find that person who you have lost touch with over the years. Facebook is a good place to start. I have found a couple of old school friends through looking on facebook. Friends reunited is another site where there is a good chance of finding old school or work friends.
I have recently being trying to find an old friend from my school days. When i was 14 i went on holiday to France with my high school. The town where i grew up in Lancashire, had a twin town in France. All students were matched with a french boy or girl and went to stay with their family's. A few months after this trip the french students came over to England and it was our turn to play hosts.
It has always been with regret that i lost touch with the french girl and her family. A couple of weeks ago i was looking at the counc…

1901 Census Records, Wicklow, Ireland

I have been asked for 1901 Census records for County Wicklow. We are still waiting for all the 1901 records to be available online, soon, it will be soon. Limited records for parts of County Wicklow are available, maybe you could be lucky. Take a look at this link.

New Irish BMD Records

Thankyou Mary for the following Irish BMD Records. They can be found free of charge on the Family website.
The Irish records available are Birth 1620-1881, Deaths 1864-1870 and Marriages 1919-1870. I had a quick look myself and i was able to find confirmation of 3 births. I think the key to getting the right search is in the place name, so try a couple of names around the area you are researching.