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Uk Census Online Free

Now you can trace your ancestors free from 1841 to 1891. The site Free Cen has a Data base that you can search for free to find your Ancestors in the English Census. It is not complete but it is being added too all the time.
In doing a search i found that the results were better when i put in a small amount of information. This will be a very good resource that is free for everyone.

Gallipoli And The Anzacs

This is a good resource for researching Australians at Gallipoli. The Anzacs were the Australians and New Zealand Army Co. So many lost their lives here and every year on the 26th April we remember them on Anzac Day.

UK BMD Records Order Online

The GRO in England has made some changes to their fee's and services. Due to an increase in current demand for Certificate's present orders will be subject to a five day additional dispatch time. The GRO have also reviewed their range of service's. They have now withdrawn their reference checking service. The cost of the certificates will increase from 7 pounds to 9.25 pounds. This means that you will have to know the references for your certificates. You can find the references when you find the record on the site Free BMD.

This is the web site for the GRO, where you can order your certificates

Blog Your Cats Free.Com

I have been busy this week starting a new blog, if you are a Cat lover you may enjoy my Blog about Cats.The Star of the Blog, or will be when i get some more photos online is my Burmese Cat Lilly .

Take a look here, Lilly is on the home page

1901 Irish Census Release

Well, the countdown has begun to the big release of the 1901 Irish Census . We have only to wait until the end of June this year 2010. This is the link for the Census.

Free Irish Census

While we are waiting for the 1901 census to go online sometime later this year, maybe take a look again at the 1911 Irish Census.
The records on this site are very easy to search. Just put in the name you are searching for ,then click on the name to see all the names of the people who lived at that address.

Free Genealogical Resources

If you read the post before this one ,i mentioned an interview with Cyndi Howell who owns Cyndi's List. If you are new to family research you may not have heard of the List. It is a free categorized and cross referenced index to genealogical resources on the Internet. In the interview Cyndi says that she works 12 hours a day 7 days a week. We are all aware that once we start on the research journey ,it is hard to stop .
Take a look at Cyndi's list you may find the link to some missing information for your family tree.

Roots Television

This is very interesting viewing, something we would not normally see as its on television in America.
Watch online interviews with Genealogist's including Cyndi Howell of Cyndi's List fame and Megan Smoleryak of Ancestry.Com
Megan talks about her research on the 1st Lady whose roots she has traced back to Slavery.

BMD Records Order Certificates Online

I have just been helping a friend order a Birth Certificate from the UK online. Once you know how its a straight forward process.
I recommend that you first find the birth, death or marriage details at FreeBMD-Search. Make a note when looking at the record for the name of the District, the Vol and the page number as you will need this information when placing your order for the certificate.
Here is the link for the FreeBMD-Search

This link will take you to the site to order your Birth, Death or marriage certificates online.