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English Ancestors

For the past week i have been doing some family research for my neighbour. It feels so good to be at the beginning of the journey where the records appear and the path is open. So different from my own family research that has come to a stansill. I can not get motivated at the moment to go back to it. No doubt ,some of you are feeling the same. Maybe this is a good thing,a bit like dieting when you reach a Plato.
Take a break, think outside the square ,you never know when something is going to pop up on the page.
I was looking on the web site today. In particular the pension records for the 1st World War. Did you know that each record has about 12 to 16 pages to view. What i was looking for was an address and next of Kin and i found them around page 14.So the next time you are looking at the Milatary records keep this in mind, the next of Kin on the record is a big find and could confirm your ancestors place in the family tree.

Free Australian BMD Records

The NSW Registry holds over 18 million records including,
Early Church records, Baptisms, marriages and burials from 1788 -1855
Births, marriages and Deaths from 1856 to the present day. Certificates can be orderd on line to from the following web site.
The site has search resoures to help you find your ancestors

Free English BMD Records

To most people researching their family tree, the information that they need most is the Birth,Death and Marriage records. If you belong to one of the family history research sites then this information is available for your research.
If you are looking for free information then take a look at this site where Birth, Death and Marriage Records are available for England.

1939 National Register

Conducted on 29 September 1939, this emergency census-style survey of the civilian population of England and Wales was taken in order to issue identity cards to the country's residents in response to World War II.
Much like a traditional census, the Register contains personal details including name, date of birth, occupation, marriage status and address for each of the country's residents.
Members of the Armed Forces were not included in this Register as they had already been called up for military service.
Information from the 1939 National Register is available to applications, but only for individuals who have died and are recorded as being deceased. The application is expensive - £42 - and no money will be refunded, even if a search of the records is unsuccessful. Information can be requested on a specific individual or a specific address, and information on up to a total of 10 people residing at a single address will be provided (if you ask for this).
NHS Information Ce…

Free Lancashire Parish Records

This is my favourite free resource for Baptism, Marriage's and Burial in Lancashire. The Database is being updated daily so it pays to visit this site at least once a week.

1901 Irish Census

Find your Ancestors in the 1901 Irish Census for free. This database has been updated, so take a look even if you have viewed this web site before.
Search using Townland or Surname. Tick the box to search using the Soundex code.
Area's covered are Donegal, Down, Fermanagh, Galway, Kerry, Leitrim, Mayo, Roscommon, Sligo, Waterford and Wrexford.

Free Irish History Resource

One of the most important surviving 19th Century history resource is Griffiths Valuation. This was the 1st full scale valuation of property in Ireland. It was overseen by Richard Griffith and was published between 1847 and 1864.
The web site 'Ask Ireland's a very good search engine where you can search the valuation by name or by townland.

Your Ancestors Free

Your Ancestors Free is back online. You may have wondered why it was quiet on this blog. Well the reason why is this. It was to be my Mothers 80th birthday on the 1st of March. My Brother who also lives in Perth , Australia decided that he would go over to England and surprise our Mum, so i thought that i would go too.
When she got over the shock she was pleased to see us. We had a lovely week in england and some good nights out with family.
We had just recovered from the jetlag when we had to do it all again. It was good to arrive in Perth,i have had enough of flying now for a while.
When you are on a long haul flight to Australia or England you think how amazing it is to be able to fly to the other end of the world so quickly.So different to how our ancestors arrived in Australia after spending weeks on board ships. Even the 10 Pound Poms had to spend a few weeks on board ship before arriving in Australia.
Now that i am back i will continue to add to this Blog, so i hope that you will…