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Free Records Irish Ancestors

So many people have Irish Ancestors and half of them are looking for their family records. Well maybe not half at the moment ,they will soon be starting their search.
My Ancestors came from Northern Ireland ,County Down so many of the sites that i recommend are for that area.
This site is a must for County Down, it is completely free. Try the Surname search, look carefully as its very possible that your Ancestor is mentioned here.Lots more informmation on this site too, places, Churches.

Your Family Tree

What can make your family research come alive? I have just been watching antiques road show and thinking how a couple of family pieces could make your family history come alive. I have not got any family heirlooms but i have a couple of things that are still special.
I was over in England last year and my Mum sorted out some old papers for me,i am always asking her and i thought she had given me all she had before.
On looking through what she had given me i was thrilled to find a copy of my Grandads will, my fathers father. It was still in the envelope dated September 1970. It was an interesting will as it involved land, farming land.
In order to try and keep the land in the family he had left the land to my cousins who at the time were just school boys. My cousin still lives in the farmhouse today.
Still keep asking and searching through family papers, you can still find treasure.