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Ancestors in Brooklyn

Sometimes i think we get so carried away with our family research that we do not stop and think what life was like for our Ancestors.
How different we live today ,sat by our laptops in an aircondition room. I am reading the Pulitzer prize wining novel 'Angela's Ashes' and so far i feel humbled by how the family lived in Brooklyn in the 1930's.
Home was a couple of rooms in a tenement, where the bathroom would be shared by many. The most dreadfull hardship was not having money to put food on the table. Wages earned by the male bread winner in a lot of cases never made it home after payday, it would be spent on drink on the way home.

Our ancestors stories were of hardship and survival,so maybe the next time you are searching for records, stop and think of how they once lived.

Angela's Ashes

Frank McCourt died last year. He was famous to me for the book he wrote named 'Angela's Ashes'
When i try to imagine what it was like growing up in Ireland in the 30's i always remember this book which also became a film. My father grew up in Northern Ireland in the 30's. He was born into a farming family so there was always plenty of food to eat.
Food and the lack of it features in Angela's Ashes' Having waited 40 years before he told his story, Frank did not cover up any details of his childhood.
When i look back at my childhood. I wonder how i survived at all. It was of course, a miserable childhood; the happy childhood is hardly worth your while. Worse than the ordinary miserable childhood is the miserable Irish childhood and worst yet is the miserable Irish Catholic childhood
Frank grew up in limerick, Ireland, the family had moved to America but returned after Frank's sister died in Brooklyn. The book covers the period of age 3 to 19 in Franks l…

English Death Records

Just as the Birth and Marriage records for England there are a couple of ways to search the English Death Records
Ancestry has the Death Collection 1837-1915 and Deaths 1916-2005, and Free BMD search has the Death Collection 1916 to 1983. As with the births and marriages the records are free to view on Free BMD search. Find them here.

Engish Marriage Records

There are a couple of ways to track down a English marriage record.
Ancestry has two collections. Marriages 1837 -1915 and Marriages 1916 -2005. The second one is very good too if you are looking for the marriage record of someone who is still alive.
Free BMD search has Marriages 1837-1915 and Marriages 1916-1983 and this is free to search and view.
I must say that the second Marriage Collection 1916 -2005 on Ancestry is so much easier to search through than it used to be. Find them here

England and Wales Birth Index

The UK birth records are now fully searchable up to 2005. has two collections. The first one has the records from 1837 to 1915 and the second is from 1916 to 2005. You can find this full collection at

FreeBMDsearch has the 1837 -1983 Birth Index available to search and view the records for free

Find Your Ancestors Free

Looking for records of your Ancestors. This sites covers your Ancestors from the UK, Australia and New Zealand
What are you looking for? some tips to help fill in the missing pieces ? or are you at the very beginning?
If its the beginning then you probably have most of the facts in your mind now,you just have to record them. At some point you will come across the big Genealogy company's. offer a free 14 day trial . This is good for the beginning as it is also offers freely a way to record your information.
You will find it a good starting point and very thrilling as you begin to find your ancestors.
Now that you know a little more on how to start your research save this page to Favorites or sign up to get the sites free feeds. Most of all enjoy your journey and the people you meet along the way.

Lancashire Parish Clerks Records

With the snow in England bringing the country to a stand still in the last couple of weeks it was good to see today that the Lancashire Parish Clerks had been updated. If you are interested in the records for Liverpool then take a look as quite few of the Liverpool Parish's have been updated. Hope these are the years that you have been waiting for.

Estate and Wills

I have just been watching a program on the TV about Heir Hunters. In the Uk only one in three people leave a Will. If no Will is made then the deceased estate will go to the Treasury, if no beneficially can be found. The estate can only go to a blood relative. Usually the estate is passed from husband to wife or from wife to husband. Then if both parents are deceased the estate will go to the children of the marriage. If there are no children of the marriage alive then the estate will go to the nearest blood relative. If a heir can be found then they will become the beneficially of the estate. If no heir is found then the Treasury will claim the Estate.
Making a Will should be given some consideration, especially if you would like your wishes to be carried out.

Free BMD Record Exchange Australasia

Just came across this site today and i thought that it may be of interest to those who are researching their Ancestors from Australia and New Zealand.
It is a free genealogy resource to share vital record information.
Take some time to have a good look around the site as it should become quite useful.

Brick Walls in Research

Yesterday i suggested that if you were up against a brick wall in your research you you should take a break and change direction. This is easier said then done as i have found out. I have been looking for a marriage record now for months,i thought that i had found it yesterday. On checking again today i made the decision that it was not the right record.
It is strange how certain ancestors seem to get inside your head, as though they have a story to be told. So if you need to keep at that wall go ahead, you never know....

Family Tree Research

How much time do you spend looking for the same records, trying to break down that brickwall?
I am guilty of this , spending too much time looking for the same missing records. This year i am going to be more time efficient and move on to new research. I suggest that you do the same .

Cottrell Family Research

You may have wondered who the people in the photo are at the beginging of 'Your Ancestors free' From the top left is Florence Violet Cottrell born 1903, Lizzie Lewis born 1898. Bottom left Maria Spence nee Cottrell born 1903, Annie A Spence born 1912, Sarah Hanna Cottrell nee Lewis born 1893

Free Genealogy Classes For Europe

These free research classes are provided by The Family History Library in Salt Lake City. They include England beginning Research, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Russia and USA.

Your Ancestors Free And Other Blogs

Thankyou to 'The Professional Descendant' for putting this Blog forward for 'The  Kreativ Blogger Award'
The rules are that i must write 7 things about myself and then put forward 7 Blogs . So here goes.

1) I live in Perth ,Western Australia

2) I was born in Lancashire , England

3) My Ancestors were Farmers on 3 sides and Cotton Weavers on one side

4) I am a very good cook

5) I  love shopping

6) My favourite book is 'Jane Eyre'

7)I am interested in Real Estate

Now here are 7 Blogs that i put forward for the Kreativ Blogger Award.

Your Ancestors Free.Com Turns One Year Old!

On the 15th of Janurary this Blog turns One year old.  Considering that most Blogs and Web sites do not make it to six months, i think it has done pretty well.  Your Ancestors Free.Com started off as English Ancestors.  It grew to include Ireland, Australia and New Zealand.  My places of interest are County Down, Ireland and Lancashire so this Blog may reflex those areas.
I know that there are many sites on the internet that require payment and many of you can not aford Membership.   Hopefully you can find your Ancestors Free with the help that you find here. I enjoy reading your comments and i feel pleased when you have a success.
So, here's to the new year and may you all enjoy your research and break down a few walls.

Free Irish Church Records

1.3 million Irish Records have just become available on this new site. The site is hosted by the Department of Arts,Sports and Tourism and is online as a guide to finding your Ancestors free. Not all of Ireland is covered at the moment but the records that they have online are completely free. So take a look.