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Free Cheshire Parish Records

Having only found this site today,i have not spent a great deal of time on it. The Cheshire Parish Register looks very useful if you are seeking records from Cheshire.

1901 Irish Census

Good things come to those who wait? The 1901 Census material, with all data transcribed, will be launched between early and mid-2010. Meanwhile parts of the census are avaliable online. Have a look here for parts of the 1901 irish census

Best Genealogy Sites for 2009

As 2009 draws to an end i have been thinking of my Best Genealogy Sites of the year.

Number 1, This has to be Online Parish Clerks for Lancashire. The owner is updating this site constantly with records that i have not seen elsewhere.

Number 2, This has to be Free BMD, it is also being updated constantly. Dates after 1900 ,most have the mothers maiden name.

Number 3, Peter Meaneys Home Page. I have included this in my list as Peter has put a lot of work into his site and this has helped many searching for County Down.

Number 4, This is not a free site but i had been searching for over a year for some records from County Down. I finally paid the fee and within minutes i had the records to view. Well worth paying the fee.

Number 5,This British Forum is a good source of Genealogy. It is free to join and i have found it …

Free BMD Parish Lancashire

This site with Parish Records for Lancashire has just been updated so make sure you take a look


Do you have full membership of Ancestry? Do you feel to be getting good value for money. I would not find it good value at the moment for the time that i would spend on it. I do look quite often to see if there is anything new though.I have tried to contact other researchers, who are doing similar research. I am sure this used to be available to non paying members. Well it is not available now if you are a non paying member. Ancestry seem to be getting a bit mean or maybe they are losing members.
It is very satisfying when you find a record through a free site and the only thing it cost you was time.

Free Holders List Northern Ireland

The Freeholders List for Northern Ireland is free to search online. If your Acestor owned land or leased his land then you may find him on this list at Proni.

Say No to Poll Tax

While looking over Poll Tax Records i came across this article by Mark Wainwright. I had almost forgotten one of the reasons i left England for brighter shores. The medieval Poll Tax was reintroduced by Thacher, taking from the poor and giving to the rich. Take a look at this if you too remember this tax.

Free Cheshire Poll Records

The Cheshire ,England Register of Electors 1842 to 1900 is available here free. If you are unsure of dates or place then just try the name of the person you are looking for .;p=collectionDetails;t=searchable

Free Credits for Scotlands People

Ancestral Scotland is the Official Genealogy site for the Scottish Tourist Board. At the moment they are offering free credit for their site Scotland's People. To take advantage of this free offer you just have to register with Ancestral Scotland.

Free Electoral Rolls New Zealand

The 1881 electoral rolls cover the North Auckland, Auckland Metropolitan and South Auckland areas in to the Waikato. It is the nearest equivalent to the British 1881 Census and only lists males living at a residence for at least six months.