Free BMD Records New Zealand

This site has free Birth ,Death and Marriage Records for New Zealand. To protect Privacy it only has historical records. Births from 100 years ago, Marriages from 80 years ago and deaths from 50 years ago


  1. can you tell me please when i got married is..james maurlce ross upholsterer from molly moka of mangere... approx in the late 1960,s maybe 1967..we are still married and need to have a special time after 40 odd years ,,,j m ross

  2. Hi James

    The free BMD Records for New Zealand do not start until 80 years ago. Try looking on this web site,you should be able to order your marriage certificate online here.

  3. Hi there

    The records aren't actually free, you have to pay for them, however access to the INDEXES are free from whence you can order the actual certificates.


  4. Thank you for your posting. I really enjoyed it.

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  6. Hello, looking for my nan's brother, who went to New Zealand in the late 60's. I can't access any BMD records, because I'm a English...He's name is John Vanderstein....can anyone have a look for me? E-mail is thanks

  7. thank you Anonymous


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