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Your Irish Ancestors free

Find all your Irish Ancestors who were living in Ireland in 1911. The Census Records for all the counties of Ireland are now available online free.

Free Genealogy Records

Family have a pilot site for searching for your Ancestors. Watch this video on how to get the most out of your search

Roll of Honour, New Zealand

These names have been taken from the book 'The Great War' 1914 -1918 New Zealand Expedifionary Force Roll of Honour . The book had originally been published in 1922.

National Library of New Zealand

Search the Catalogues and Directories, explore the Maori world. For the family history researcher there is a Family History Collection.

Order BMD Records New Zealand

The Department of Internal Affairs BMD registers maintain the New Zealand Birth Death and Marriage records. Use this site to request copies of these certificates.

Free BMD Records New Zealand

This site has free Birth ,Death and Marriage Records for New Zealand. To protect Privacy it only has historical records. Births from 100 years ago, Marriages from 80 years ago and deaths from 50 years ago

Free 1901 Census County Down

This site has just been updated. You may have found it useful before or it could have missed records for your townland,
Take another look. The new townlands for the 1901 census are Dromara, Derry, Begrey and Dromara Village.

New Zealand Free Passenger Lists

I have no conection with New Zealand ,so i did not start out intending to cover that area. I have so many New Zealanders reading this blog that i thought i should try to help them too.
This web site has many interesting lists of Passengers who sailed to New Zealand in the hope of a better life.

Australia and its Early Settlers

This site offers a good source of Australian History. It will be able to fill in the gaps for overseas researchers who may not know all the facts about Australia and her beginning.

County Down Passenger lists

Are you looking for the journey of an Ancestor who left Ireland? The Irish left the Emerald Isle in droves in search of work and a better life. Many went to the United Kingdom but they also went to Australia, New Zealand and America. This site has a Database of those leaving from Newry, County Down in 1847 TO 1851.

Publish your own Family History

If you have been researching your family history and feel that you are at the final stages. Then this may be the next step, to publish your own story. I came across this site today, i have not used it but its worth a look if you have been looking for the next stage in your research.
A book about your family history could include photos and personal letters and would make a special gift. .uk

Have you taken out membership of the biggest company for Family Research? What have you thought about the service they give.
I have just been reading about how big they have become and how successful they are. Their biggest rival is a free site
That is an amazing site and one where you will always return to during your family research.
Personally i have found good and bad things about the site. They were very helpful in the beginning of my research but as you progress, their information becomes very limited.
Free sites ,like this one are there to help you and i hope you will find some useful information from the links to Genealogy sites.
If you have had a success in your research, then leave a comment and tell us all about it.

What's new at Ancestry has just released a new collection which will mainly interest people from the United Kingdom and Australia.
It is the Criminal Registers for England and Wales for the years 1791 -1892. You will need membership at Ancestry to be able to search and view the results. They are still offering 14 days free trail. If you have not given them a go before ,then this may be the time to do so. You may be able to find some of your ancestors who were banished to Australia.

Northern Ireland Free Records

This is for all the Northern Ireland family History Researchers.
Valerie Adams the Head of Strategic Development at PRONI gives us a tour of the search rooms.
This may encourage locals researchers to visit but it will only make the rest of us who live overseas, wish we could visit. Valerie gives some useful tips for online searching.