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History on Facebook

Most people who spend time doing their research on line would have heard of 'Facebook'. No doubt quite a few of you will be a member of 'Facebook' too. I have worked out a system for finding old school friends, i look for their children.

This has worked a number of times for me as the 'Children' are now all in the early 20's age group where membership of sites like facebook seem compulsory.

I found an old school friend yesterday we haven't seen each other for 30 years. It was nice to look through the photos that she had on her page. There was one photo there, a group photo taken at our high school reunion in 1991. I did not attend this as i had moved away from the area. It was good to spot old school friends but the thing that stuck me the most was how dated they all looked with the "big hair' and floral dresses.
So try out facebook if you have not all ready and find old friends from your past.

Free BMD Records Northern Ireland

One of the most searched Keywords on my site has been for Free BMD Records for Northern Ireland. At the moment there is not a site out there offering all of these records . These are my favourite sites that offer some information but not all.

Emerald Ancestors offer a free search but to get the most from this site you have to pay for membership. At 10 pounds for one month this is really good value i have found it to have been the best site in finding results. If you have friends who are also researching Northern Ireland, then take it in turns for membership doing look ups for each other.

Ros Davies Co Down Genealogy Research site
Most people researching County Down will have used this site but if you are new to research then this site is full of records. Take the time to search through it and bookmark it .It will be a free resource that you will use constantly.

County Down Census Records 1901

If you are looking for census records for County Down,then take a look at this site. The site owner is researching his own family 'Meaney' but also has databases of the 1901 census.

Lancashire Parish Records Updated

Just called by this site today and there are a great deal of new records that have been added to the Database.
I e-mailed the author of the site a few weeks ago and told him that i found his site really interesting.I asked if he would be updating soon, he replied that he would update as soon as the new information became available.
So stop by and see if the records you are looking for are there.

What Information Do You Need To Find Your Ancestors

When you were beginning your family tree, you gathered together all the information that you could find. Were you lucky enough to find an old letter?

Old letters can set a scene from the past and give us a real insight into the writer's life…The letter or parts of the letter can become a feature on your family tree.

Did any of your Ancestors leave their country and head off in search of a new beginning. If you can find that journey, then that can also become a feature on your family tree. Passenger records are available for you to search through. They can hold some interesting information. Usually the name and age of the person, whom they were travelling with, their occupation, where they were heading to once the ship docked, how much luggage they were taking with them.

English Ancestors at

Who ever said that writing a Blog was easy got it wrong.
I have been going round in circles trying to get my new Custom Domain up and running. This has been time consuming so much that i have not had time to write the blog as well. With some help from the Blogger help forum i am hoping that things will be back to normal soon. is being redirected into
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If you have any questions with your research just leave a comment and i will try to help.

1901 Census For Northern Ireland

As Irish researchers know there is not a great deal on the Internet about the 1901 Irish census. Take a look at this site, the census is available for quite a few places.I was lucky and found the Ancestors that i had been looking for.

Frederick William Pinnington,

In a earlier post i wrote about the research that i had done on Frederick William Pennington. Within a few days the research had drawn comments that i had the wrong parents for my Frederick as they were they parents for his Frederick ,who was not the same one as mine.
After going through my research and notes i agreed with the reader that i had made a mistake. That was a few months ago and since then i have finaly found more records on Frederick.
I had been looking for months for William Pinnington and his wife Ann in the 1851 English Census. Frederick would have been just a baby,so they should have been easy to find. I was on Genealogy forum and i was very thrilled to have this problem solved. The Pinningtons as i have since discovered this was how they spelt their name,were in the 1851 cenus but their name had been copied down as Vinnington.
The marriage certificate revealed that Ann had been Ann Nettle from the Parish of Bidston. This mention of Bidston was the conection that i had b…