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Everton Football Club History

As i write this ,Everton are playing in one of their biggest matches. The FA Cup Final. I have become interested in the Everton Football Club as i have researched people who were from Everton. So here is some of the clubs history and where they came from

Genealogy Centre, Perth, Western Australia

The State library of Western Australia houses an extensive collection of books, journals and microfilm material in its Genealogy Centre.
A useful resource for researching other Australian States, Britain and New Zealand.

Australia Claim A Convict

This is a site full of information that is regular maintained. Find here lists of the convict ships and passengers. Lots of information for finding your convict.

Search BMD Records, NSW, Australia

Step 1)Search the Birth, Marriage and Death records for New South Wales.

Step 2) View the records

Step 3) Purchase the certificates online.

Titanic,the passengers and sinking of the ship

The sinking of the Titanic has always been of great interest to me and no doubt to many others. This site has much about the ship and her passengers. It also has personal accounts of the survivors and what they saw of the great ships last moments.

Australia in WW2

The WW2 Nominal Roll website contains information from the service records of those who served during WW2.

Australia in WW1

The Australian War Memorial gives a very intensive report of Australia in WW1.
Search the collections, research an individual person, view the Roll of Honour

Australian National Archives meet Facebook

Sign up With Facebook to connect with The National Archives of Australia. Post your brick wall here.

Poll Books Liverpool, 18th Century

This is a most unusual site and one with lots of information for the 'Liverpool' researcher.'Liverpool in the 'long' 18th Century is well worth a visit.

Australian BMD Records

BMD Records are available from the Resistry of Birth, Marriage and Deaths in each state.
Western Australia

South Australia

Northern Territory

New South Wales


Immigrantion Records , New York City ,USA

Have you searched many times looking for your Ancestors entering the USA through Ellis Island?
There was another Processing centre that was in service before Ellis Island opened. Castle Garden was running from 1830 -1892. Have a look at their website ,be open minded about dates and port of departure.

Australian Records, Free to search and view

Have you got lots of time to Browse?
This site ,the National Archives of Australia has got some really interesting features. Its also free to browse and view the records. Try the name search if you are looking for your family or ancestors.
Take a look here.

Ten Pound Poms, Migration to Australia

Ten Pound Poms also called Ten Pound Tourists is a colloquial term used in Australia to describe British subjects who migrated to Australia after the Second World War under an assisted passage scheme established and operated by the Australian Government. The scheme attracted over one million British migrants between 1945 and 1972 and represented the last substantial scheme for preferential migration from the United Kingdom to Australia
While the term "Ten Pound Pom" is in common use, the scheme was not limited to migrants from the United Kingdom (the usual meaning of "pom"). In fact, most British subjects were eligible and, at the time, that included not only those from Great Britain , but also residents of British colonies such as Malta and Cyprus. Citizens of the Republic of Ireland born before 1949 were eligible as they too were British citizens.
Created as part of the "Populate or Perish" policy, the scheme was designed to substantially increase the pop…

Fairbridge Farm School, Pinjarra, Western Australia

The first time i saw Fairbridge...
We had been on holiday ,camping down south ,i think we must have been to Bunbury. The boys were only young about 4 and 7. It was a hot day in January for the drive back to Perth. We needed to stop and get some exercise as the car was piled high with camping gear. As we drove down the dusty drive i had no idea where we were going. We parked the car and had a walk around. It suddenly came to me what we were seeing, Fairbridge farm school had been home to young orphan children. They had been shipped out from England to help populate Australia.
Fairbridge had a strange feeling, almost that if you listened carefully you could hear the calls of the children.
Take a look at their website ,its part of our History

Australian Family History

Australian Collection of records covering colonial Australia and beyond.

NSW Assisted Immigrants, 1828 - 1896 NEW First Fleet, 1787-1788 NSW Unassisted Immigrants 1826 - 1922 NEW Second Fleet, 1789-1790 Australia Electoral Rolls, 1901-1936 Third Fleet, 1791 List of Convicts with Particulars, 1788-1842 Census of NSW, 1828 Victoria, Australia Rural Cemetery Records, 1836-1988 NEW Sands Directories: Sydney and NSW ,
This collection of Australian History can be found on, Now would be a good time to have a look at Ancestry as they have an offer on for a 14 day free trail.

Free Genealogy For Australians

This site offers a good place to start researching your Australian Family Tree.
The National Library of Australia has links to usefull Australian Websistes. It also has an online Catalogue that is free to search. Australians who live in Australia can apply online for a free Library card which will enable them to acccess information that is only available to card holders.

How To Find Family

Did you know that in England it is National Family Week on the 25th of May until the 31st of May.
Why not Celebrate with a family reunion on Sunday the 31st of May.
How to find family.

2) Search by name and location or just location

3)Select the record that best matches the person you are looking for

Find Your Ancestors Free

Now would be a good time if you have been thinking of giving the bigest Genealogy site a go.
Ancestry are running their free trial for 14 days again. This is a really good offer as although you have to give them your payment details, if you are not happy with their service you can cancel any time in that period and it will not cost you anything. I am sure though that you will find plenty of resons to continue with the site.Here is the address for the Uk Site

'Who do you think you are' Your Ancestors

Have you seen the tv show 'Who do you think you are'. It was made by the BBC in the United Kingdom. In Australia it is on SBS.
Each program follows a well known person as they begin to follow their family roots. The format is the same for each program. The well know person is introduced to us the viewers with an account of who they are ,what they have been doing in the past few years. Usually, one family line is traced, research takes the personality sometimes far afield in search of their past.
It is a program that i have enjoyed watching and in England it really started many people on their own task of finding their family roots. It is a programme that i would recommend.I have just had a good look at their web site and it has lots of information for the beginner researcher,so take a look.

Migrations of the Scotts,Your Ancestors

So you think that your Ancestors were from Northern Ireland. Maybe they were but maybe they were from Scotland and Migrated to Ireland in the 1600's. Take a look at this site about Migrations of the Scott's. Have a look at the list of Surnames of the settlers from Scotland , you may find your Ancestors Surname there, i did.