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Update for BMD Records Lancashire

The Lancashire BMD records have just been updated. You may have looked on this site before with out finding the records that you wanted . I have included a link to all the new information on the site.

Free Parish Records for Liverpool and Lancashire

I came across this site when researching Liverpool. It has a huge data base of Parish Records for Liverpool and all areas in Lancashire. Although i didn't find the records that i wanted today it will be a site that i will return to. All records are free to search. So take a look at the family history that you will find here.

British Genealogy, Forum and Resources

I have only recently found this site. I came across it through the forum pages. It is ideal for the new researcher as it has a well stocked resources page.
The family history forums are easy to navigate, you can read the posts without being a member but i recommend that you join as it does not take long to register.
Follow the prompts and introduce yourself.

Free Records Liverpool, Church, Newspaper Clippings

This site is just jam packed full of information, with church records and newspaper clippings. This would be of great interest to any one researching ancestors in Liverpool. This is one site that i will come back to.

Handwriting , Genealogy, Understanding the Census

Have you had any any problems reading the handwriting on the census or the BMD records. This table of letters may help you to understand the writing of that time.

Looking for William Sutton, Farmer from Liverpool

Do you realise that if you are researching your family tree and you come across a brick wall, then the best way to get help is to publish on the internet. One good idea is to place a posting on many of the free message boards.
Another idea is to create your own blog with your family history. There are thousands of us at all times searching the internet looking for help or the missing link on our family tree.
After viewing all the regular sites then in dispair you google name of Ancestor, place ,year and help! This can really work.
At the moment i am looking for a William Sutton from Liverpool, a farmer,he must have been born around 1800. He had a daughter Ann who married a William Pennington in 1849 in Liverpool. Can anyone help? Please leave a comment if you can help

BDM Records Online

This is for those of you out there who would like to order a Birth, Death or Marriage certificate from the United Kingdom.
You may be feeling a little dubious if you have not ordered any thing on line before. I received a Marriage Certificate today the 14th of February in the post. I had ordered it on the 30th of March, standard price 7 pounds.When it was converted to Australian dollars it was 15.07 dollars.
I think that it was a fairly quick transaction as it was coming to Australia.
It is really satisfying to open the envelope and have all your research confirmed or to have some new leads to work on. Today's certificate has opened up a new line of research for me.
So if you have been considering doing this ,then take the plunge.

Kichens and Appliances

Have you actually thought what life must have been like for our ancestors?
Having gone back as far as 1790 on some of my ancestors,i realise that they lived completely different lives to what we have now in 2009. I always think of Jane Austen when thinking of the past but she had a rather privileged life style. I have been looking at shopping sites on the net as i need some new Dinnerware Think about the quality of the Dinnerware back in those days ,if you had the money.Then think of some poor girl in the kitchen using the Appliances of that time. They would have been hard work compared to our Appliances of today.
I would have hoped that if i had lived in those times that i wouldn't be the one in the kitchen.
Lucky me living in 2009. I do not even have to leave the house to shop as i can shop on line.I have found a really good site for shopping for my dinnerware
Actually when looking at this shopping site, i realised with all the new Appliances out today for the kitchen i am still li…

Ireland, The 1911 Census

You may have had a look at the 1911 Census for Ireland ,it came as an early Christmas present. Go back now and look at all the things that you missed in the excitment.
Take your time and browse through the information there. What was Ireland like in 1911? Read about the Shipbuilders of Belfast and see the construction of the Titanic.
Search through the records,remember to check out the bottom of the form signed by the head of the family. Did they sign in their own hand or did they leave their mark?
Take a look here.

Save Money on BMD Certificates

I have just been researching a marriage record in Hampshire and i came across a web site covering BMD records for North East and South East Hampshire.
They were offering an online certificate order service. All Birth, Marriage and Death certificates were 25 pounds ,a faster service was 40 pounds and the fastest service was 60 pounds.

This is a great deal more than you should be paying as it costs 7 pounds for an English BMD Certificate,and for a faster service it was an extra 4 pounds.
I will give the address below.

McMullan and Connor Family

I have posted some of my own research on English Ancestors. There seems to be a couple that are popular with people who are reading this blog. If you have an interest in any of these then leave a comment and i will get back to you as soon as i can. The postings that have created the interest are the McMullan and Connor familys. I would be interested in any conections that you have to these and any of my research.

North Wales Free BMD Records

The Register Offices of North Wales hold records of local births, marriages and deaths, back to the start of civil registration in 1837.
The records are not complete at the momment. It is hoped that the North Wales BMD database will eventually cover all North Wales births, marriages and deaths for the years 1837 to 1950.

Free BMD Records Staffordshire

The Register Offices in the county of Staffordshire, England hold records of local births, Marriages and Death back to the civil registration in 1837.
The records are not yet complete but will eventually cover all BMD Records for the years 1837 to 1950 and beyond.

Lizzie and Daisy Lewis, Welsh Ancestors

Lizzie Lewis top right

Daisy Lewis bottom right

British losses at Jutland, English Ancestors

British Losses at Jutland, 31st May to 1st June 1916, HMS Indefatigable

Extract from the Official History ‘Naval Operations' by Sir Julian S Corbett 1923

At the other end of the line the duel between the ‘'Indefatigable and the ‘'Von der Tan'' had been growing in intensity till a few minutes after 4.00, the British ship was suddenly hidden in a bust of flame and smoke. A salvo of three shots had fallen on her upper deck and must have penetrated to a magazine. She staggered out of the line, sinking by the stern when another salvo struck her, a second terrible explosion rent her, she turned over and in a moment all trace of her was gone.

The Battle Cruiser lost 57 Officers, 960 men, 5 civilians, only 2 men survived .

28 year old Allan McMullen Stoker 5136S of the Royal Navy Reserve lost his life that day.

Allan was the son of John and Mary McMullen, Harrington, Cumberland. He is remembered with honour at the Plymouth Naval Memorial.

County Down Surnames,Place names, Free Search

This has got to be the best free site online for County Down. Researchers who are new to Genealogy will find this a wealth of information.
The Database of surnames is very helpful, don't forget to check out the message board. There is a good chance that you will find your Ancestor here.

Nelson Man killed in White Lund Explosion

Firth Dole 1885 to 1917

Edna Dole was the only daughter of Firth Dole and Margaret Dole nee Shackleton.

She was born in 1908 at Nelson, Lancashire.

She would live a long and happy life, her greatest love was singing. There would always be a party at Edna's house, a sing along around the piano. She lived through two world wars and saw many changes in her lifetime. She died in 2003 at the age of 94.

Edna's father Firth was one of nine children born to James J dole and Alice Dole nee Boothman. James J dole was born in 1853 in Sheffeild,Yorkshire. His wife Alice was also from Yorkshire, Navenby. They were both living with their families in Nelson at the time of their marriage in 1873.

I found Firth in the 1891 census for England. He was six years old and living with his family at 18 Russell Street, Nelson. James J Dole his father was listed in the census as a Plummer Glazier Gasfitter. Three of his brothers were listed as Cotton weavers; J.S.J aged 16, Charles 13 and 11 year old Loui…

BMD Records Northern Ireland Order Online

Full BMD certificates for Northern Ireland can be ordered online. The cost is 12 Pounds plus postage.
Birth records are available from 1864.
Non Catholic Marriages are from 1845 and all marriages from 1864.
Death records are available from 1864